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"Hobby Day" Movement -- more barkada bonding and experience

The "Hobby Day" Movement: -- more barkada bonding and experience

As 2018 neared its closing, I couldn't help but reflect on what happened throughout the year. I flipped through my journal, and no matter how many times I flipped, it was almost empty. Last year came and went fast, and I felt like I wasted it.

Now, it's 2019. "New Year New Beginnings", that's what they say. I paused. It's cliche but it's no less than true. I pondered hard, and after a few minutes of allowing the circuits of my brain to spark, an idea popped out -- "Hobby Day!", I murmured to myself.

One Night Werewolf Board Game

...the more significant memories you build, the more memorable the year becomes

The Birth of Hobby Day
What makes a certain day, month or even year stand out? Simple. Memories rooted upon events. Hence, the more significant memories you build, the more memorable the year becomes. Hobby Day banks on this concept. It's a day allotted for me and my friends to do something together -- preferably things we haven't done before. In this way, we always have something to look forward to, and at the same time, collect 'treasurable' memories for 2019.

Playing Spot It in one of our Hobby Days

This blog post will house the collection of hobby days made for this year, and I'll be dedicating separate posts for each hobby day.

Since memories may eventually fade, we promised ourselves to document the events by either writing them in our own journals or blogging about them (or both whenever possible).

Hobby Day Movement
I hope that this will spark a movement among friends. It's effective in pulling ourselves away from the bed during weekends, and actually do things we normally just "wish to happen". This year, we want them to happen, and we will.

The Hobby Day Movement

We don't need to spend that much just to have a meaningful bonding with friends, and in fact we were thankful to discover the beauty of Hobby Days in transforming us into more proactive individuals. Best of all, we are "growing" together as friends.

Here are the collection of our Hobby Days so far:

Hobby Day 1 - Goal Setting + Board Games Hobby Day 2 - What's Cooking

If you have crazy ideas to share, comment below. We'll be happy to have new things to consider.

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