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Hobby Day No. 3 - Planetarium and DLSU Food Trip

Hobby Day No. 3 - Planetarium and DLSU Food Trip

Following a week of Hobby Break, we continued with the third installment of our Hobby Day. For this particular Saturday, we all voted to visited Planetarium in the National Museum of Manila. This was then followed by a food tour in De La Salle University (DLSU) area.

If this is your first time hearing about "Hobby Day" let me direct you to this post about this movement - "Hobby Day" Movement -- more barkada bonding and experience (read more).

Flock of birds in Rizal Park, Manila

For this Hobby Day, we wanted to take advantage of the recent re-opening of Planetarium. Hence, we all agreed to meet up at 10:00 AM, so that we can watch the show at 10:30 AM.

Planetarium in National Museum of the Philippines

Unfortunately (for some), they reached the placed at 10:34 AM, missing the show in the process. Meanwhile, there were 4 of us who were able to make it - Emil, Almae, Alvin and me.

Ticket prices for the show
The entrance fee for Gallery viewing is free. However, if you'll be watching the show, you need to pay for the ticket - P30 for students, P40 for Senion Citizens and P50 for adults. Not bad for a 30-minute show.

If you want to read more about Planeterium, I have dedicated a post about it here - Planetarium's Galactic Adventure in Rizal Park.

National Planetarium in Manila City

...felt like we were watching a virtual reality without the VR gear

We were totally amazed by the show. It felt like we were watching a virtual reality without the VR gear.

Advance tip: Phones and bags (of any size) are not allowed inside the dome (where the show happens).

After 30 minutes, we met up with the others to check out the gallery. It's important to note that bags are still not allowed in the viewing section of Planetarium. Phones and cameras are allowed, though.

First Section of National Planetarium - Viewing Gallery

There weren't much to see, but there are amazing backdrops that make a good back drop for photos. We wanted to practice photography as well, so we took this opportunity to do some portrait shots.

Galactic Backdrop in National Planetarium, Manila
Renz Cheng in Planetarium, Manila
Emil Ong in National Planetarium Gallery
The team who was able to watch the show in Planetarium

We finished taking photos at about 12:00 NN, and by then we were already feeling hungry. Before we left, we took this mandatory "class picture", and headed to DLSU area right after.

Hobby Day 3 in National Planetarium

DLSU takes only about 10-15 minutes to reach by car from Planetarium. We parked in Green Mall, and from there quickly toured the vicinity.

DLSU Henry Sy Building in Taft Avenue

Our first stop was Tori Box (read more). It's a famous on-the-go snack for students, and it certainly was my staple back when I was still in college.

Karaage Pop of Tori Box in DLSU

Some of my friends who tried Tori Box for the first time found the karaage pops delicious. They wanted to order more, but I needed to restrain them, since we still needed to hop.

Renz Cheng and Tori Box, DLSU

Second stop was for main dish, and we deliberated between Jus & Jerry's and RAP's (which goes by a rather forgettable new name, Mr. Gruby's Diner), and since we were craving for some sloppy meaty goodness, we opted for RAP's.

The putok-batok gravy of RAP's Steaks in Taft

When we got there and upon seeing the menu, we somehow regretted our decision. I remembered back then that each steak was just near P200 pesos, but now, it's P300+ already. It was a heartbreaker. Nevertheless, we pushed through. And thankfully, the gravy was still awesome the way I remembered it.

Almae in RAP's Steaks and Cakes

It was so putok-batok, that one of our friends got knocked out fast. To think that she only had a few spoonful of the gravy. *joke only Almae*

Cafe Noriter in Taft Avenue

Last, we hopped to Noriter for desserts. We chose this place because it has a great K-series-inspired interior. It's perky and adorable!

Board games in Cafe Noriter, DLSU, Taft

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games. It felt like the first hobby day we had. We also talked about future things we want to do together, and it made our hearts melt in anticipation.

What do you meme? Boardgame

So far, for this Hobby Day we were able to do the following activities:
  • Museum visit
  • Portrait photography
  • Board games
  • Food trip (our most favorite hobby among all)

Stay tuned in this blog for more ideas on how to spark up your barkada goals! 

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