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Sky Ranch Park in Baguio City - rides and rates

Sky Ranch in Baguio City - rides and rates

When we decided to buy some groceries, we agreed to do the chore in SM Baguio. After all, most of us were curious to see how the mall looks like now. It was funny because in search of a parking, we ended up in front of Sky Ranch. We didn't have anything planned, so we took it as a sign to visit the "park".

Sky Ranch in Baguio City

Sky Ranch here in Baguio is small, housing just 12 rides. You can even walk around the perimeter in just 5 minutes (or even less depending on your pace).

Carousel in Sky Ranch, Baguio City

Tickets and Rates
Entrance fee for the park is P100 regardless of whether you'll be availing of the rides or not. You'll be paying individually for each ride which costs either P50 or P100. Below is the list of rides I was able to take note of:
  • Baguio Eye (Ferris Wheel) - P50 - photo featured in this blog post
  • Super Viking - P100 - featured in this blog post
  • Drop Tower - P100
  • Sky Cruiser - P100 - featured in this blog post
  • Double Decker Carousel - P50
  • Mini Pirate (Super Vikings but for kids) - P50 
  • Flying Bus - P50
  • Funny Swing - P50
  • Road Train - P80
  • Red Baron - P50 - featured in this blog post
  • Lolly Swing - P50

Upward view from Super Vikings of Sky Ranch, Baguio

For this particular visit, we just rode the Super Vikings, and thankfully it was way more fun than I expected. If you sit on either edge, you'll definitely feel the adrenaline rushing.

Super Vikings Ride in Sky Ranch

The Super Vikings was the one ride I was able to avail, since all others are no longer "appropriate" for me. We could have ridden the Ferris Wheel, but the sun's too strong to be up there.

Sky Cruiser Ride in Sky Ranch, Baguio

Most rides are geared for kids, which is why we just let my friend's nephew enjoy a few more rides before we left.They got to ride this pedal-run ride (called Sky Cruiser) which twists and turns depending on which way you'll steer it.

The Red Baron Ride in Sky Ranch, Baguio

They also have this simple ride like a Carousel but with planes instead of horses/unicorns. It's called the Red Barron.The kiddo definitely enjoyed it, and seeing him giggle was priceless. Luckily, I was able to snap some photos of him enjoying the ride.

Baby Garrett riding Red Baron in Sky Ranch, Baguio
Baby Garrett riding Red Baron in Sky Ranch, Baguio

Unfortunately, that's basically about it. We just chilled a little bit while we were deciding where to go, but our entire stay didn't last an hour. There weren't really much to do especially for adults.

The story changes a bit when you are with kids. In a way, you'll be content seeing them happy.

Ferris Wheel of Sky Ranch in Baguio City

Sky Ranch Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Adrenaline-pumping by riding the Super Vikings. Appreciating Baguio City from above via the Ferris Wheel.

Budget needed: P300 which includes the entrance fee and approximately 4 rides.

Is it wander-worthy? Not so much. The rides are geared for the kids, so if you are not one, you'll be facing disappointment. The only decent ride for adults are Super Vikings and the Ferry's Wheel.

How to get there: There are jeepneys going to SM Baguio. You can take those, since Sky Ranch is literally a few steps away from the mall.

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