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Kamay ni Hesus - Healing Church in Lucban, Quezon

Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon

Kamay ni Hesus is a popular tourist destination in Quezon. The church is claimed to be a healing church. Devotees believe that healing prayers and petitions come true after they visit and pray here in Kamay ni Hesus.

Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon

How did we end up in Kamay ni Hesus?
After rounds of exploring the food scene in Quezon, we decided to take a break from munching and stop by a tourist destination. Kamay ni Hesus happened to be near where we were staying, so we all agreed to check it out. After all, my mom loves visiting churches.

Kamay ni Hesus Church in Lucban, Quezon

Nature-filled and spacious
The vicinity of Kamay ni Hesus is huge and generously filled up with relaxing greens. Nature lovers will rejoice with the captivating view. The core of it all is, of course, the church, so if you feel tired, you can settle inside and offer some moment of peace and reflection.

By the way, in case you are bringing your car, parking spaces are available, so you don't need to worry about that. However, do note that there are times when there are a lot of tourists, which means parking spaces may become a problem.

Kamay ni Hesus Climb

A healing church
Although I'm not that familiar with any of healing stories happening here in Kamay ni Hesus, I would like to believe that it does happen. Why not? The place is really perfect for spiritual and physical nourishment -- nature will take away the stress, meditative walking will guide you in finding inner strength and peace, and climbing up allows you to build physical endurance. I guess it's great to combine faith with action.

Pond in Kamay ni Hesus, Quezon Province

The 300-step climb
Aside from being known for its healing, Kamay ni Hesus is also famous for it's 300-step climb to the huge statue of Jesus (some say it's only about 200 but we counted and estimated the steps to be at 300). It's important to note that some of the steps are steep, so you really need a lot of stamina to reach the top.

The view from below of Kamay ni Hesus

As you walk your way up, you'll get relieved of the story of how Jesus suffered on the cross, died and eventually resurrected. During Holy Week, expect this place to be fully packed with devotees and tourists alike because some devotees consider climbing the steps as part of their "penitensya" or penance in the spirit of Lent.

Jesus fell down carrying the cross - Kamay ni Hesus
Statue of Virgin Mary in Kamay ni Hesus
The Crucifixion of Jesus, Kamay ni Hesus

Reaching the top gives you a sense of fulfillment, since all the effort climbing up rewards you with a wonderful view of the statue along with a bird's eye view of Lucban. It's also cooler at the top due to its altitude and the trees, so you may want to just pause and relax there for a while.

Kamay ni Hesus Statue on Top, Quezon Province

For your pasalubong needs
Near the exit of the climb, you'll encounter pasalubong centers in case you need some for your family/friends back home. There may be better shops outside of Kamay ni Hesus, but in case you lack the time, or you just want convenience, you may buy your goods here inside.

Pasalubong centers in Kamay ni Hesus

Garden of Eden
Families with children will enjoy visiting the place as there is a space for the kids to play. Slides are available with its simple playground.

Garden of Eden, Kamay ni Hesus
Garden of Eden, Kamay ni Hesus

Here's a photo of us just before we climbed up to where the statue is. It's better to share this because we all still look fresh.

Renz Cheng in Kamay ni Hesus, Quezon Province

Kamay ni Hesus Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Visit the church, contemplate and/or meditate, climb up to where the statue is and buy your pasalubong. Great view on top of the climb

Budget needed: None, unless you want to buy your pasulobong here in Kamay ni Hesus. Donations are encouraged to support the maintenance and development of the place

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. It's one of the iconic and popular tourist destinations here in Lucban, Quezon. Plus, it's great way of exercise and meditation at the same time.

How to get there: Since the place is extremely popular, most locals know how to point you to this direction. You can also take the tricycle if you are commuting. If you are bringing your car, you can use this map to guide you there.

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