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How Much To Spend/Budget for Hong Kong Trip (in Philippine Peso)

Hello there fellow wanderers! Hong Kong still remains to be a popular destination among us Filipinos given it's relative proximity from our country. In just a matter of few hours, we will already reach Hong Kong. Plus, it's home of one of the Disneylands, and also of great dishes. In this article, I'll be giving you more idea on how much to prepare if you plan to visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary for 7 Days and 6 Nights (7D/6N)

How much to spend in Hong Kong Trip?
As your guide in budgeting, you may use my expenses as benchmark for estimating how much you need for your travel. However, note that this is more of a "budget" kind of a trip, which means no splurging in hotels and food. Anyway, in line with this, I've prepared an excel tool to assist you. You'll find the excel below.

DisclaimerI first wrote this article back in 2017, which is where I based most of what I included in this article. However, I adjusted the rates in the excel sheet to take into account the inflation in Hong Kong over the last 7 years. Still, some aspects of this article may no longer hold true, but the purpose of it is to provide you a general idea. As I always say, please do your own research as well.

Once I get to visit Hong Kong again, rest assured that I'll update this page, so feel free to bookmark this article for future reference.

How to use the tool above?
It's easy to use the tool above. All you need to do is to adjust the Number of Planned Days (type in how many days you plan to stay), and from there it creates a budget you'll be needing. If you feel like you'll be spending more/less in certain categories, you may adjust it by encoding higher/lower percentage (e.g. changing 100% to 120%). Enjoy playing around with the numbers!

Here's also some comments regarding expenses here in Hong Kong:
  • Flight - For Filipino readers, you can watch out for promos to lower the cost. I heard it can go lower than this
  • Accommodation - It's a bit pricey here in Hong Kong, but the cheapest I know so far is to go for some hostels, which may cost less than P1,000. Otherwise, prepare to spend a whole lot more for hotels.
  • Activities - If you'll go for theme parks, make sure you'll allot some budget. They are not that cheap, averaging at around P3,000 to P4,000 per park
  • Transportation - Just get yourself an octopus card, it's way convenient!
  • Food - Restaurants are generally pricey, so if you are on a thrift mode, McDonalds will be your best bud
  • Shopping - HK is famous for shopping, but compare prices since other parts offer better discounts and promos (even prices)

Sample 7D/6N Itinerary
For this trip which was way back in 2017, we had 7 days to enjoy Hong Kong. However, the first day was spent resting, since we arrived past 9:00 PM. Here's a round up of our entire stay in Hong Kong. To check how much we enjoyed each place, you may want to check out the links as well by clicking on the name of the attractions.

The Total on the right side pertains to the rounded up expenses for the day. Take note that we availed an iVenture card (read more) which is already inclusive of the Harbour Cruise, Macau Day Tour, Ocean Park and others. This explains why we only spent about P800 on the day we visited Ocean Park.

Since the above was written back in 2017, most of these prices are outdated. Give or take, you may adjust it with 15% increase to have an idea. This rate somehow factors in Hong Kong's inflation over the years.

Activity Highlights
These photos provide some highlights to the activities we had over the 7 days of our stay in Hong Kong.

Home of the ever-thrilling rides that will pump up adrenaline to your body. Plus, be amazed by tons of lovely creatures!

Experience the magic of Disney and have a wave of nostalgia!

Travel back in ancient times with the beautiful village of Ngong Ping. Also, witness the Big Buddha from your ascend.

Go beyond your travel by visiting the "glorious" and colorful city of Macau! Experience the temples, hotels and perhaps the casinos.

There are several others that you can enjoy while in Hong Kong. With seven (7) days, you can definitely see 75% of the attractions found in Hong Kong. Now, For you to have better idea of how this itinerary looks like, you can watch this video my good friend, Mika made!

Wishing you all the fun. Enjoy and have a meaningful travel! For questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to share them below. Thank you for reading!

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