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Wander Kid, Renz Cheng, in Japan

Greetings to you dear readers of Wander Kid Travels!

I am writing this page in order to shed some light regarding this blog and the man behind it. Thank you very much for taking the interest and time to visit this page!

By the way, my name is not Waki. It's just a shorter term for Wander Kid.

Last page update: 02/04/16

What is Wander Kid Travel?
After having several identity crises, this blog finally settled into turning into a travel-personal blog. Wander Kid Travels, or Waki Travels for short,  provides me an avenue to share my tales about places I visit and memories I accumulated by checking those places out.

I'll also be sharing here in this blog my life experiences and self-discoveries as I journey here in this world. On the side, I will also be sharing a little about opportunities you can try in order for you to pool more money into your travel funds.

Wander Kid, Renz Cheng in Hong Kong

Why did I start this blog?
I started this blog because I want to document my progress as I journey on with life. Since I recently had the fervor to travel, I also want to immortalize those memories by drafting them down here in this blog. In other words, this blog serves as my journal for many things that happen in my life.

Why "Wander Kid Travels"?
Wander Kid Travels is my newest baby following my food blog named "A Not-So-Popular Kid". While the latter focuses on food, this one focuses more on travel and life in general. I named it Wander Kid Travels because I want to maintain the reference to me as a "kid", and since I love to discover things and exploring spaces, I thought that "wander" would be a good word to fit.

About me
I'm a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is currently and gradually achieving his ambitions in life, but before I achieved the title I was first a student who took up BS in Applied Economics and BS in Accountancy in one of the schools in Taft. I am also a food blogger as previously mentioned.

I am also currently working in a firm where the salary may not afford me to travel, but still with all the other things I do (which I also share here in this blog), I was able to save up for some travel. Anyway, I hope that you'll find the content here either helpful or amusing (but hopefully both). Cheers! I'm off to wander! 


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