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Hobby Day No. 1 - Goal Setting and Board Games

Hobby Day No. 1 - Goal Setting and Board Games

The first Saturday of the month was spent right with the successful kickoff of our Hobby Day.  For this session, we wanted to start the year right, so we decided to have some goal setting. This was then followed by a less serious activity -- board games.

If you want to learn more about this "Hobby Day", you may refer to my post here -- The "Hobby Day" Movement: -- more barkada bonding and experience.

Playing "Spot It" during our first Hobby Day in 2019

Motivational speakers often talk about putting your goals into writing, and perhaps create a visualization for it

Missed opportunities and moments
My 2018 worked out well, but I felt like I could have further maximized it, had I made sufficient goal planning and setting.

Motivational speakers often talk about putting your goals into writing, and perhaps create a visualization for it (which is why you'll often hear about dream boards). I wanted to impart the same concept to my friends, which explains why I really pushed for this goal setting activity.

One Night Werewolf Board Game

Writing the goals down is already a foot forward
In 2016 and 2017, I had my goals written, and I realized I achieved so much during those two years, unlike last year which felt like it just passed by. Needless to say, goal setting increases the likelihood of us achieving our targets. After all, what's there to achieve if we don't even know what to aim for.

We didn't intend to stretch the goal setting too far, just enough for us to be aware of how we want to shape our year, instead of the other way around. This would give us more control.

Game of Life Board Game by Hasbro

Now, since this activity was a bit serious, we mixed this up with board games to shake things off a little. It was the first "hobby", and all of us really had a good time.

We played 6 board games in total that afternoon till night -- Tapple, Spot It, One Night Werewolf, Game of Life, Forbidden Dessert and Clue Do. It was so awesome! We didn't even realized that we reached midnight just by playing them.

Of course, we had a "pizza party" in between. After all, our most favorite "hobby" is munching/eating.

Pizza party during Hobby Day 1
Forbidden Dessert Board Game for Hobby Day

Also, since this was a milestone for all of us (since it was the first, and potentially the last, Hobby Day), we took this "class picture" together with a handwritten banner.

The Hobby Day participants for Day 1

Despite the activity, most of us still don't have a clue of what their goals are, and some goals are still vague. However, what's more important is we started putting thought to it, and we became more open to the idea.

PS: It wasn't the last Hobby Day, since we got to roll Day 2 in the week following this. We even had a segment called "What's Cooking?" for it. Stay tuned. Don't forget to like our FB page.

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