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The Puerto Princesa, Palawan Adventures of a Yuppie (1/ 3)

With the drive to always fill my basket with a lot of meaningful experiences,  I didn’t hesitate to join in our cluster outing, and by far, it’s one of the fantastic decisions I made (although again it wasn’t much of a decision since I didn’t think it through that much). Yeah, I just know that I’ll be receiving a great dose of adventure.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Renz Cheng

As expected, the outing really made a huge bang. It was completely hysterical, and all the memories created were truly unforgettable. There are still moments when I get a glimpse of what happened, “an outing hangover” as we coin it, and it’s difficult not to wish I was there in my thoughts. However, time flies and so do memories. It’s up to us how we will choose to keep and guard them from fleeting away. In my case, I choose to immortalize them by documenting the great times here in this blog post.

Irsyad Stamboel, Troy Palanca, Fitz Balba, Myles Sia and Renz Cheng

All the adventures began when the FSRM team assembled in NAIA Terminal 4 about four in the morning of July 25, 2015. It didn’t go as smooth as planned due to some problems with the airline, but things sailed well eventually.

Puerto Princesa Airport

FSRM Outing 2015 - Puerto Princesa Aiport

By the time we reached the airport of Puerto Princesa, the friendly staff of King James Travel and Tours gave us a taste of Palawan hospitality through their warm welcome gesture.

Renz Cheng in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

After about 15 minutes of ride, we arrived at our chosen resort – Blue Palawan!

Blue Palawan in Puerto Princesa

Villas and rooms in Blue Palawan Resort

The place was awesome! It has its own pool and of course access to the “beach”. Plus, the villas looked extremely homey and comfy!

Fresh Danggit for Breakfast - Palawan

FSRM in Blue Palawan, 2015

Since we were following a schedule, we just dropped our baggage, had our breakfast, and headed to Isla Pandan (via Honda Bay) together with our assigned team where we would be having our first game. I was bearing a red bandana, representing the team I belonged to. “Ahh, my favorite color – for sure we will win in this year’s outing” these were the thoughts running through my mind that time.

Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

FSRM in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

The First Game – Human Centipede
The outing committee must have lost their minds when they came up with this came. It was difficult but extremely fun altogether. All we needed to do is to coordinate movement among team members, never to disconnect, and reach the finish line the fastest.

Human Centipede Game - FSRM Outing Palawan 2015

We landed the first place. “Ahh, this is it. We are really winning this one!”

FSRM after the Human Centipede Game

Now after that exhausting and butt-bruising came, it was time for lunch – fresh seafood and liempo! Yeah, perfect to celebrate our victory.

Fresh inihaw na isda

Pako salad

FSRM in Isla Pandan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

After the bountiful feast, we sailed to our next island destination Cowrie Island.

The Cowrie Island was a fantastic place of solitude. You can see the island from end to end which gives you some feeling of exclusivity. It was a good thing we went there during off-season because the absence of a huge crowd allowed us to almost-exclusively savor all the island could offer.

Cowrie Island of Palawan

Before we had our second game, we were able to linger in the small island and do what we please.

Cowrie Island in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Others played Ultimate Frisbee, some played beach volleyball, a few just chilled with some drinks while the remaining just enjoyed the serenity of the place.

Ultimate Frisbee in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Well, since I was really full of energy that day, I engaged myself with both the ultimate Frisbee and the volleyball.

Beach Volleyball in Cowrie Island of Palawan

The Second Game – Agawang Buko
The outing committee seemed to have not been satisfied with what we needed to go through in the first game, and this time it was tougher. The task was to compete and if needed wrestle with other teams in getting the buko at the center. To make the game a little more interesting the buko was oiled from time to time.

Agawang Buko Game - FSRM Outing in Palawan 2015

We didn’t get victorious this time as we just landed second place together with another team. Still, it was wicked. However, it certainly took out most of our energy. With this, we sailed and headed back to our resort.

Gigi Malit and Renz Cheng - Cowrie Island, Palawan

Majestic Sunset Landscape in Palawan

After some minutes of rest and relaxation, we proceeded with the first program of the night – the Quiz Night! It was a bloody battle of wit and jejness. Of course, the next program was the mild inuman time with a mix of karaoke.

Blue Palawan at Night - FSRM Party 2015

I was already all drained out, so I opted to preserve my energy for the following days to come. With this, I slept at around 10:30 pm -- which is too early as you may say.

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