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SGV's 69th Anniversary Party - FSRM Edition

FSRM Team in SGV's 69th Anniversary Party

The celebration of SGV's 69th Anniversary also marked my almost 1 year of stay in the audit firm, and it has been quite amazing! I'm sharing this post to document some of the things that transpired during the anniversary party.

As early as 3:30 pm we were already preparing for the party, and it felt like I was in high school preparing for my first ever JS Prom.
Renz Kristofer Cheng, FSRM Associate

After about half an hour of preparation, finally I'm all geared up in maroon for the celebration.

The 69th Anniversary Party was held in the SMX convention occupying all the halls. This is quite expected given the sheer number of people working under SGV.

We arrived on the dot at 5:00 pm, since we took seriously the supposedly deadline for the "raffle". Yeah, we really took an eye of the cash prizes! Sadly, we were not fortunate enough to win it. Argh! Well, anyway, since we arrived early, the place is still almost empty, and so we took the chance to have this photo taken.

Irsyad Stamboel, Denise Rancap and Renz Cheng

SGV stayed true to its word by starting the buffet on time at 5:00 pm. It was truly a feast!

Now, there were a lot of things going on such as recognition of certain individuals, promotions and performances, but throughout the event there were tons of photo shoots going on.

Here's a photo of me together with my ever-exuberant senior, Emil Ong.
Emil Ong and Renz Cheng

This one is with one of the coolest managers I worked with, Sir Daniel Jan Del Mundo!
Daniel Jan Del Mundo and Renz Cheng

He's also one of my food trip buddies from time to time. We've been to Yushoken in Alabang (read more) and Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna (read more).

I also got to have my photo with one of our beloved partners in FSRM, Boss CGL!
Christian G Lauron and Renz Cheng

And of course, to complete my "picture with the partners" collection, I also had the opportunity to pose beside our every-funny and kalog Boss FAL.

Francis A Lumbres and Renz Cheng

Surely, time flies so fast because I can still vividly remember when I first entered FSRM with these two, Keshia and Yanni.

Keshia Ong, Earl Adrian Lim and Renz Cheng

More so, I can still remember the time when I was still in college working for the degrees I fortunately have now.

Keshia Ong, Mark Chu, JD Castillo, Marnie Mamac and Renz Cheng

Now, I'm gracefully living in this chapter of my life with my awesome FSRM family.We are such a cool, funny and crazy team!

FSRM Team with Boss WAC

Once an FSRM, always an FSRM. It was great to see all those who have come before us. Without them, perhaps FSRM will not be what it is today.

Where in the world will you find a work place where everyone has a piece of his weirdness being offered on the table, where people grabs away your drink to take a sip (coined as "vulture" moves) and where people share a spoon or fork to attack a birthday cake. This is not just work. This is friendship and family forged. And this what makes FSRM special and unique. 

The FSRM Family Then and Now Together

Now, to my batch mates -- the New Hires Forevermore (NHFM) with a few of the new ones from the New Hires Forever and ever (NHFE), let's continue to make FSRM as awesome as ever!

Those of the same shades flock together, by the way, congratulations Jenny for being promoted as a Senior Associate!

Jenny Calaor, Renz Cheng and Keshia Ong

Almost 1 year down, and I'm looking forward to another bright year ahead of me. Thank you SGV for the opportunities I had and those to come.

Renz Kristofer Cheng, FSRM Associate

To wrap things up, let me share with you this photo of the "After Party" where Bamboo performed "Tatsulok" among the list of songs he performed.

SGV 69th Anniversary After Party

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