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The Puerto Princesa, Palawan Adventures of a Yuppie (2/ 3)

Our second day in Puerto Princesa was filled with thrilling adventures started off by visiting the underground river. This activity consumed most of our morning, but it was definitely all worth it, since we got to hear an interesting mix of facts and made-up stories.

Blue Palawan Resort Sun Rise

Of course, before everything else, we needed to fuel up with breakfast.

FSRM 2015 with Boss CGL in Palawan

While we were on the way to the underground river, we decided to have a short stop at a souvenir store to have a CR break.

FSRM in Puerto Princesa - 2015

After more than an hour of travel time, we reached our destination - Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

From there, we took a boat ride to the underground river.

FSRM 2015 - Underground River Boat Ride

Palawan Underground River

Since the FSRM team won't fit in one boat, we were divided into four groups, and this is the group I was with.

New Hires Forevermore (NHFM) in Underground River Palawan

Magnificent view of the beach near the Underground River, Palawan

Most of us were touring the underground river the first time, so we really needed to document everything. After this one, we needed to wear some protective gear (i.e. the helmet) and head on to the exact spot of the underground river.

FSRM New Hires Forevermore in Underground River

The Underground River is famous for its well-preserved touches of nature, but aside from this, it is also famous for the humorous tales of the bankeros (or boatmen).

Underground River in Palawan

Renz Cheng in Underground River Palawan

Alright, we are now set to explore the cave. Let's get it on!

I was able to capture some great photos inside the Underground River, but I'm going to dedicate a separate blog post on it either here in this blog or in my food blog. Anyway, here's an interesting one from my collection:

Pegasus-like Rock Formation
Pegasus Rock Formation in the Underground River

There a few others that were really spectacular, but generally the view inside in the underground river was indeed stunning and amusing. You will be mesmerized by how wonderful nature is.

Majestic Rock Formation in the Underground River of Palawan

The entire ride in and out of the Underground River lasted for almost 40 minutes, and it was undeniably filled with interesting sights and stories. After all the groups already finished the tour, we had this mandatory FSRM photo.

FSRM in the Underground River of Palawan - 2015

FSRM in the Underground River of Palawan - 2015

Now, how about some jump shot? 

Another dash of adventure - eating a tamilok
It was also during this day when I got to try something new – eating a tamilok, which is a certain type of a coconut wood worm.

FSRM 2015 in the Underground River Vicinity

Well, actually, it wasn’t as bad as it appeared. In fact, it tasted like both an oyster and uni combined.

What was funny though was the reaction of my other friends, such as Fitz Balba, who almost cried after eating a long slimy one.

Fitz Balba eating a Tamilok in Palawan

After returning back to Blue Palawan, the resort where we were staying, we were given sufficient time to just do whatever we want, and I chose to go swimming, play water Frisbee and lastly Marco Polo.

Dee Sison playing Marco Polo in Palawan

FSRM 2015 - Playing Marco Polo in Blue Palawan Resort

The Third Game – Hilaang Kumot
Hilaang Kumot was a backup game chosen by the outing committee in replacement of the tug of war. In this game, the objective is to pull a sturdy blanket while another person sits on it and reach a certain point the fastest. It’s like pulling a sack -- only slightly different. Since this sounded easy, the outing committee added a twist to this game wherein the puller gets blindfolded while the pullee coaches the puller on the direction.

We didn’t get lucky in this game, so we ended up 3rd out of 4 teams.

My roommates plus Fitz Balba
Troy Palanca, Renz Cheng, Fitz Balba and Myles Sia

We were given an ample time to prepare for the Sunday mass, where we got a good dose of Spiritual refreshment. The lesson learned was “You are what and how you eat.”

Afterwards, the night programs started rolling where we had our dinner first.

This was followed by the Twerk-it-like-Miley performance of the New Hires/Transferees.

One of the highlights of the program was the beach hunk and beach babe segment where Genica and Myles won the FSRM Beach Babe 2015 and FSRM Beach Hunk 2015 titles respectively. Well, deserved my friends, especially Genica who really killed the Q&A portion.

Q: Kung ikaw ay pagkain, ano ang mas gusto mo, yung kinukutsara ka o tinitinidor?
A: Mas gusto ko yung kinakamay, kasi mas masarap kapag kinakamay. 

FSRM Beach Babe and Beach Hunk 2015

Of course, the ultimate highlight of the night was the awarding of the FSRM Outing 2015 winning team. Unfortunately, we weren’t that team.

Red TEAM with Lyca Antonio (3rd Place)
Red TEAM with Lyca Antonio - FSRM 2015

Blue TEAM with Dee Sison (2nd Place)
Blue TEAM with Dee Sison - FSRM 2015

Green TEAM with Ron Yu (2nd Place)
Green TEAM with Ron Yu - FSRM 2015

Congratulations again Yellow TEAM for snatching this year’s first place!

Yellow TEAM with Gigi Malit (1st Place)
Yellow TEAM with Gigi Malit - FSRM 2015

Here's a photo of the outing committee of FSRM Outing 2015. Thank you guys for making the outing extremely awesome!

FSRM Outing Committee 2015 - Gigi, Lyca, Ron and Dee

The program ended with the karaoke being opened up, and the drinks started pouring.  There were people enjoying the karaoke, and there were some who went for a swim either partially or totally drunk. The rest is history where the words “form a circle”  and the acronym “RRCCC” came to life.

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