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Clubbing in Route 66, Royal City Avenue (RCA), Bangkok

Clubbing in Route 66, Royal City Avenue (RCA), Bangkok

If you're looking for a night out in Bangkok, then you should definitely consider going to the Royal City Avenue or more locally known as RCA. It's one of the most popular areas for nightlife in the city, and has plenty of clubs and bars to choose from. One of the hottest clubs in RCA is Route 66, which is definitely worth checking out, and we'll be taking a sneak peek of it in this blog post.

Route 66 features 3 different sections with different music selection

RCA is the hotspot for clubbing
Royal City Avenue or RCA is a popular nightlife destination in Bangkok. It is home to many different clubs and bars, each with its own unique atmosphere and music.

Here are some other clubs that are also notable in the area:
  • Onyx - this club is known for its state-of-the-art sound system and impressive light setup. The club is divided into two sections: indoor and outdoor. Indoor is where the dance floor is, and the outdoor section has a pool and bar. Crowd here is predominantly local, but you'll also find some toursists. Entrance as of April 2023 is 500 THB, which includes 2 drinks.
  • Sugar Club - it's a relatively smaller and more intimate club that features a resident DJ playing latest hip-hop tracks. Entrance fee is 300 THB, which includes 1 drink.
  • Route 66 - this is the club which we had the pleasure of visiting. It's a huge compound with three sections: K-pop, EDM and hip-hop. Entrance is 300 THB which includes a 200 THB coupon for drinks. 

Clubbing in Route 66, RCA, Bangkok
Route 66 is a huge compound with a lot of sections with mirrors and lights on it

What's the crowd like in Route 66? 
During the time of our visit, which is close to the Songkran Festival (April), the crowd at Route 66 was mostly made up of tourists, but there were also some locals mixed in. In Route 66, and probably in other clubs in RCA, you'll find people of varying age groups making the experience interesting.

K-pop section in Route 66 Club
K-pop section in Route 66 has this quirky patterns and lights to go with dancy K-pop selection

The great thing about Route 66 is that you can hop in between the sections. Hence, if your mood shifts to be more inclined to a different set of music, you can freely do so. 

Renz in Route 66, RCA, Bangkok, ThailandRenz and Edna in Route 66, RCA, Bangkok

During our visit, the most popular among the three sections was the hip-hop section. It was the only area where people were rubbing shoulder to shoulder.

Also, the 200 THB coupon that came along with the entrance ticket can buy you only one (1) cocktail or a bottle of beer. The average price of drinks are at this rate as well, so approximately that is equivalent to P320 ($6) per drink. Yes, it's quite expensive, so you may want to do some pre-game elsewhere.

Overall, Royal City Avenue is a great place to experience Bangkok's nightlife scene. Whether you're into EDM, hip-hop, or pop music, there's a club for you in RCA. Just be prepared to take a Grab or taxi to get there, as it's not really accessible via public transportation.

EDM Section of the Route 66 Club in Bangkok
EDM Section of the Route 66 Club in Bangkok

How to Get to RCA?
Getting to RCA can be a bit tricky, especially if you're not familiar with the area. We took a Grab ride, because it was relatively difficult to go there via public transportation. The Grab driver himself even found it difficult to navigate through it, and took a couple of wrong turns before reaching the place. Also, be prepared to shell out 20 THB for the entrance to the vicinity if you are riding a car/grab.

Route 66 in Royal City Avenue
29/33-48 Soi Soonvijai-Rama9 Rama 9 Road Bangkok, Bangkapi, 10310, Thailand

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