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Holiday Inn Express Hotel Review, Resorts World Manila

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Review, Resorts World Manila

Holiday Inn Express is one of the flagship hotels situated in Resorts World Manila. Given its relative affordability as a 3-star hotel, you’ll often find locals and tourist alike checking-in.

Lobby of Holiday Inn Express, Metro Manila

There are 5 hotels within the vicinity of Resorts World Manila, and Holiday Inn Express might be the most affordable option among them. This explains the high occupancy of the hotel, which is evident when you walk in the lobby. Depending on the time of the day (i.e. peak hours during check-in and check-out), the management implements a queuing system wherein you’ll be given a number, and wait for the front desk to call it. Waiting time may range from 15-45 minutes depending on seasonality.

The Hotel
The lobby is simplistic with interior being very much straightforward. There’s nothing too fancy, but it still has a tinge of elegance that somehow gives it this comfortable feel. The more you observe the surroundings of the lobby, the more it will be apparent that it’s going for the business hotel ambiance, which I feel is intentional as I see several guests in corporate attire.

Doorway/Hallway of Holiday Inn Express in Resorts World Manila

The Room
We availed the Superior Room which comes with 1 large double bed and a sofa bed. I found the room considerably spacious and nicely furnished. Similar to the lobby, the interior has this modest look, but it does have its own charm.

The rate of this room averages P4,250 (appx USD 82) which is inclusive of breakfast.

Superior Room in Holiday Inn Express, Manila

Your stay comes with a complimentary wi-fi access which has a decent speed.

Holiday Inn Express Interior, Pasay, Metro Manila
Holiday Inn Express Interior, Pasay, Metro Manila

In the photo below, you get to feel the size of the room as well as the beds. The sofa can be turned into a bed, which can comfortably fit 1 person, and can be stretched to 2 persons. Hence, all in all, you the room can accommodate a max of 4.

Holiday Inn Express Bed - Resorts World Manila
Renz Cheng in Holiday Inn Express, Resorts World Manila

Holiday Inn Express sadly does not have any swimming pool. What it has is a Fitness Center which has a with limited equipment but with a wonderful interior from the natural light coming from a portion with glass ceiling. Shuttle Service to and from the and airport is available, which is one of the perkiest perk.

Bathroom of Holiday Inn Express Superior Room

As for the bathroom, you get a relatively small space with toilet and shower. Sorry, bath tub lovers, but you don't get to have it here.

Bathroom of Holiday Inn Express Superior Room

Also, this may not be very relevant, but I'll share anyway. Regarding the TV channels, you don't get to have HBO or FOX Movies. All you'll find across are news channels of different countries. This really reinforced my observation that Holiday Inn Express functions more like a business hotel.

Blogger's tip: If you want to have good entertainment, better have your laptop and HDMI cable ready. Netflix won't do because the one installed in the rooms are not Smart TVs (well, such for the case of Superior Room).

TV Guide of Holiday Inn Express, Philippines

You’ll find McDonald’s at the lobby (though it can only be accessed outside). Beside it is a 7-Eleven convenience store, so you can buy your other necessities there just in case you forgot to bring them. ATMs can be found inside Newport Mall (read more), where you can also do other activities such as watching a movie, shopping, dining and etc.

Dining area for breakfast buffet in Holiday Inn Express

The Breakfast
The rate we got comes with buffet breakfast for two (2), and while the spread is far from impressive. I'd say that it's very decent for a 3-star hotel. They offer about 3 viands, 1 vegetable, eggs and rice on their main spread. There's free flowing coffee, juice and chocolate drink.

Breakfast Buffet in Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express - Overall Ratings and Summary

Comfort: ★★★★
Amenities ★★★
Rest Room: ★★★
Price/Value: ★★★★
Budget: Rates vary depending on certain days, but ours was at an average of P4,250 per night inclusive of breakfast 

Directions from NAIA airport - take the shuttle buses going to Resorts World Manila (RWM). You can either ride the RWM buses which will take you to Newport Mall, and walk from there. You can also take the more specialized shuttle buses of RWM which will drop you off to Holiday Inn Express itself.

Holiday Inn Express
Location: Newport Boulevard, Pasay Airport Area, Pasay, Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 908 8600

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