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Resorts World Manila - Quick Guide for Tourists and Locals

Resorts World Manila - Quick Guide for Tourists and Locals

Resorts World Manila is a highly-accessible complex (hosting a mall and a group of hotels) catering to tourists and locals alike. It remains to be one of the activity-filled places to explore and to take leisurely trips to in Metro Manila.

Activity Center of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

Sitting right across NAIA Terminal 3, Resorts World Manila (RWM) houses the Newport Mall (which also includes Newport Theater) and several hotels such as Maxims, Holiday Inn Express, Belmont and Sheraton among others.

If you’ll be coming from the airport, RWM has a free shuttle service that takes you to Newport Mall or any hotels within its group. You may also use the connecting bridge (which was newly constructed last 2018).

Interior of Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila

RWM can be your one-stop shop. It has cinemas and a theater within the Newport Mall. There are also variety of restaurants (hotel and non-hotels) to allow your buds to explore. Of course, you’ll also find stores (luxury and non-luxury) for your shopping/souvenir needs.

Newport Mall in Resorts World Manila, Philippines

Newport Theater
Newport Theater usually showcases local productions, but there are also international acts from time to time. Tickets normally range from P1,000 to P5,000 depending on the show.

Just recently, I watched a local play here in Newport Theater. The show was “Ang Huling El Bimbo”.

Restaurant Hubs
The Newport Mall houses restaurants across all floors, but they are heavily concentrated on the second and third floor. As of the moment, you’ll find there Crustasia (Asian seafood), Tsukiji (Japanese seafood), Parmigiano (Italian), Starbucks, Wolfgang Steakhouse, Bulgogi Brothers (Korean), Italiannis (Italian), Pedro and Coi (Filipino), Johnny Chow (Asian/Chinese) and Tao Yuan (Chinese) among others.

Luxury Brands and Stores
There are multiple stores found in the mall. The ground floor holds most of the luxury brands, while the rest of the floors offer combination of luxury and non-luxury stores. You’ll see there Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret and Jo Malogne, to name a few.

Resorts World Manila Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Admire the interior of Resorts World Manila, do some hotel-hopping within its vicinity, splurge on luxury stores and souvenir shops, explore some cuisines, unwind with the arts (cinema/theater)

Budget needed: Depends on the activities you want to engage in. Food ranges from P300 -P1,000 per head depending on your selection. Cinema averages about P500 per head.

Is it wander-worthy? It depends. If you want to go shopping, watch a movie/play, then yes! However, if you don’t have any activity in mind, you’ll bore out here in Resorts World Manila. Hence, make sure you have some activity planned out.

How to get there: From airport, there are shuttle buses you can ride for free going to Resorts World Manila. If you are in a mood for a walk, you may use the connecting bridge/walkway in Terminal 3 (built with walkalators)

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