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A Glance of Boracay Island, Philippines

A Glance of Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay is perhaps the most known beach of the Philippines. Most foreign tourists go to the Philippines for this paradise. Well, why not? It's only one of the few beaches in the country where the sands are white and extremely fine.

Boracay Island, Philippines - photo of the beach

Seasonality of Boracay
The "ambiance" in Boracay changes depending on the month you are traveling there. During off-season (i.e. months near the love month of February), you'll usually encounter Boracay as a very serene island where you can just enjoy nature. On the other hand, during peak season (e.g. April to June), you'll see the different side of the island -- more perky and outgoing, in short, WILD.

Different stations, different feels
Boracay is currently divided into 3 parts, or what is more known as "Stations". Each station has a different kind of character. Station 1 is where it's more posh (since hotels and resorts here are often pricier than the rest). Station 2 is where the "party life" is. You'll usually find the hottest bars and clubs here in this part. Station 3 is where you can appreciate quietness and stillness. If you are looking for some relaxing vacation, this is the station where you should choose to stay.

ASEAN in Boracay Island, Philippines
#ASEAN2017 in Boracay, Philippines

The dawn of the green algae
When we arrived in Boracay, I was deeply surprised by how green the water was. It was very far from the rich blueness I initially expected. However, we were told by the locals that this usually happens during and after cold season. Locals often just allows this, as they believe it's nothing but natural. Also, they claim that the algae are the ones maintaining the whiteness and fineness of the sand.

Renz Cheng in Boracay, Philippines

Anyway, despite the greenness of the beach, we didn't let that get in our ultimate vacation. Besides, there are other things very enjoyable to do, and if in case you end up a little farther, you'll encounter less to no green algae.

Green algae of Boracay Island, Philippines
Beach view of Boracay Island, Philippines

The entire beach front stretch of Boracay can be walked in 15-20 minutes, and I suggest that you do. It's refreshing to see the facades of the hotel, and you can scout for great bars and restaurants to visit!

For our entire stay in Boracay, Astoria Current became our home. You may check out the separate blog about this resort. If you still haven't figured out where to stay, Astoria Current is a great candidate.

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Station 3 of Boracay Island, Philippines

Interesting finds in Boracay
Along the stretch of White Beach, the name of the island's beach front, you'll encounter vendors selling souvenirs. You'll also find those offering henna and tattoo services, spa services, hair-braiding and etc.

White Beach (front) of Boracay Island

Must-try restaurants in Boracay
Boracay houses some of the finest restaurant in the country, but you need to be picky as well because not everything is great. They say that you'll find the good ones in Station 3. However, this is just a general rule of thumb, there are exceptions of course.

Here are some of the personal recommendations we have for you to check out.
  • The Sunny Side Cafe - home of great all-day breakfast delights. One that you shouldn't miss!
  • Cowboy Cocina - a place where you can have legit Cowboy Cuisine!
  • Boracay Sands - a place serving one of the finest mango shake in town! Great barbecue too!
  • Aria - superb Italian dishes that will spark your buds, but somehow pricey 

Boracay White Beach, Philippines

Lastly, if you into nature appreciate, you should not miss seeing the sun set as it changes the hue of the sky. Choose a restaurant with a table setting outdoors, you'll surely enjoy the view!

Sunset view in Boracay Island, Philippines

We weren't able to go for some water adventures because we were traveling on a budget. Perhaps next time we can have some of those. Also, hopefully, by that time, the water wouldn't be full of the green stuff.

Renz Cheng in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Experience the white sands of Boracay, the high-spirited night life, the water crazy adventures and of course the warm hospitality of the locals.

Budget needed: Varies depending on activities you plan to do here in Boracay. However, you'll survive with a pocket money of P1,000 (or $20) a day.

Is it wander-worthy? Yes, despite the seasonal green algae. No other islands compare to Boracay. It's an all-in-one paradise.

How to get there: If your airline do not have a direct flight to Caticlan, you can take a boat/ferry ride from Aklan, and from there ride a tricycle going to the station where you are staying.

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