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Stanley Plaza Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

Stanley Plaza Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

It was already past 9:00 pm when we got back to the place we were staying in Causeway Bay. All three of us were very tired after spending most of our day in the conference. We just relaxed for a bit, changed our clothes and headed to Cafe de Coral to get something to eat. After recovering some of our energy, we decided to make the most out of our brief stay in Hong Kong. Hence, we decided that even it was already past 11:00 pm, we decided to visit Stanley Plaza.

Bus Stop Going to Stanley Plaza

We learned about Stanley Plaza because there is a mini-bus (or van) that stops just below Yesinn Hostel that brings you there, and it was the one we actually took to get us there. Also, it was really fascinating how there is still a bus available at that hour of the night. Of course, we also needed to think how we would return, and fortunately, there are still buses going back to Yesinn Hotel even past midnight (although you need to pay the overnight rate at HKD14.50 instead of the regular HKD10.80). 

Stanley Plaza Shopping Mall

We reached the place at about 11:40 pm, and it looked very much empty already. Despite this deserted feel, Stanley Plaza was able to show its beauty with us. We were just fascinated how wonderful the structure and the landscaping are.

Christmas was in the air when we visited Stanley Plaza, and this was made more pronounced by the chilly weather there. Also, Stanley Plaza is popular with the bazaars going on its "amphitheater". During our visit, there was this booth called German Village. We never found out what exactly could you find there because everything was closed already. Perhaps in my next visit I can actually find out what usually happens here in Stanley Plaza.

Stanley Plaza "amphitheater"

It was already past midnight, and we chose to make use of the moment to just relax, pause for a while and just breathe. With the serenity of the place, we did them with ease. I even took a short walk to just explore around and it was extremely comfortingly peaceful.

Renz Cheng in Stanley Plaza Shopping Mall

I even came across this part of Stanley Plaza that seemed to be housing a "temple". It was just fascinating how beautiful the place is. Now, the truth is, after this night, we agreed to check this place out again in the morning, but due to our mixed up minds (and limited budget), we ended up not visiting the place.

Well, hopefully there will still be an opportunity for me to visit this place again once more. It will be surely more interesting if I can witness Stanley Plaza come to life.

Stanley Plaza (Hong Kong) Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Check out the bazaar of the plaza. Go sightseeing with the beautiful landscape of the place. Try the interesting restaurants in the area. Just hangout and chill at night.

Budget needed: The only expense that you might incur is your transportation cost going to Causeway Bay and eventually to Stanley Plaza. Of course, if you intend to shop and dine, you'll also need to set aside a budget for it.

Is it wander-worthy? Yes! It's very much wander-worthy because of the great beauty of the place. We even haven't witnessed Stanley Plaza coming to life with all the shoppers, but we already loved the place.

How to get there: You can reach Stanley Plaza by taking an MTR to Causeway Bay. Afterwards, you just need to take a short walk going to Tang Lung Street where you can find the mini bus that will take you to Stanley Plaza. The ride will take about 30 minutes. You may use the map below to locate the place and get a more detailed direction from Google Maps.

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