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Experience Magic in Christmas Village, Baguio Country Club

Experience Magic in Christmas Village, Baguio Country Club

Christmas in Baguio is in itself magical and dreamy given the cold weather moving to its peak. This explains why thousands of tourist flock to the province during the holidays. People would like to catch the frosty air, and physically feel Christmas through this. Now, what if you can actually achieve more than that? What if there’s a place in Baguio where you can even level that up, and actually pretend like it’s snowing? Yes, it’s happening right now in Baguio’s Christmas Village.

Baguio Country Club Christmas Village

Christmas Village is found within the vicinity of Baguio Country Club. Given that the club in itself is a tourist destination already, getting there will be the least of your worry. There are even jeepneys that pass by the front of Christmas Village itself.

Snow and Christmas Fantasy in Christmas Village, Baguio

Tip: Before going here in Christmas Village, make sure you are not wearing slippers. It’s their policy to deny entry if you are wearing slippers ("regardless of the brand and cost", no kidding they say that, and it’s actually written on the tarpaulin).

Dragons in Christmas Village, Baguio City

Christmas Village is an entire space depicting an old-English village square brightly lit by Christmas lights and built with ornaments to make the place look more a little bit out of this world. You’ll also be seeing GoT-inspired (Game of Thrones) props surrounding the area which explains the dragons.  Since Christmas Village wants to appeal to the kids (and those who still convince themselves that they are still kids), you’ll find sections that are inspired by The Avengers.

Flying with the dragon here in Christmas Village, BaguioRenz Cheng in Christmas Village, Baguio

To make things a little more interesting, there are crew dressed up as your favorite GoT characters and a few Avengers. Of course, the costumes are not full-blow and hyper realistic, but for the kids, I’m sure that their imagination will do the rest.

Game of Thrones Characters in Christmas Village, Baguio Country Club

There are also bands that play to further provide entertainment, and based on our actual visit, the bands play well. Hence, if you want to listen to live bands, this can be your avenue as well.

Experience snow in Christmas Village, Baguio City
Snow (soap suds) in Christmas Village of Baguio

Of course, the primary highlight here in Christmas Village is the snow, which blows off once every 15-30 minutes. The snow are just soap suds, although surprisingly they look convincingly real in photos. Mix that up with amazing lights and your photos are likely to look amazing.

Photography session in Christmas Village, Baguio CityWander Kid Travels (Renz Cheng) in Christmas Village

Unfortunately, given the rising fame of Christmas Village, expect the place to be jam-packed. Hence, you’ll be having several photobombers to potentially ruin your shot. Hence, our suggestion is to visit the place 1-2 hours away from its closing. It’s what we did. We arrived there at 10:00 PM, and had only an hour to take photos (which was sufficient already).

Christmas Village in Baguio Country Club 2019

Lastly, there’s a door charge of P120, so you may want to consider that one, and of course you need to maximize it. Having a phone with camera (or an actual camera) will do that trick, as the photos will really come out really nice with all the lights and “snow”.

Operating hours: Weekdays 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Weekends (including Holidays) 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Christmas Village Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Venture into another dimension with dragons and some Avengers. Pose with your favorite characters. Listen to the bands. Enjoy the snow. Practice photography.

Budget needed: The door charge is P120 for adults, P50 for kids and P85 for senior citizens. If you are planning to have snacks (there are kiosks/stalls inside), you may want to bring an extra P100 each.

Is it wander-worthy? With the right tempering of expectations, Christmas Village may prove itself to be wander-worthy, especially for kids. Just make sure to have a good camera with you so you can capture great moments inside the village.

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