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The Golden Valley Hotel of Cebu City - Hotel Review

Golden Valley Hotel Room in Cebu City

Golden Valley Hotel was initially our chosen place to stay for our entire duration of stay in Cebu. This is because of its close proximity to where we need to conduct work. However, after a day of staying in the hotel, we decided to transfer due to the unimpressive interior, ancient facilities and unverified ghost feels. Here in this blog post, I will be sharing with you our experience as well as a sneak peek of the hotel.

Golden Valley Hotel in Cebu

The Location
Golden Valley is located near the University of San Carlos making a good candidate if you want good proximity to the university. There is also a Jollibee within a 50 meter walk which makes it very convenient if you feel hungry. Banks and ATMs are also spread out within a close proximity from the hotel. A convenience store is also 3 minutes away from the hotel.

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Reception Desk of Golden Valley Hotel

The Hotel
The looks of the lobby made it seem like the place is very much modern. However, we were disappointed when we saw a completely different look when we went up to our room. The Expedia website where we booked our stay claims that the hotel is has free Wi-Fi. However, I wasn't able to check how fast it is since we were really tired the first (and last) night.

The Room
As mentioned, we were heavily shocked upon seeing the interior of our rooms. It was as if I traveled back in time. Curtains and other furniture are outdated. Other facilities are ancient as well such as the TV and the air conditioning unit. It looked pretty much dreary that it gave us the "ghost chills". We were so freaked out that we checked online if there are ghost stories related to the place. Fortunately, we didn't find any, and the receptionist noted that the hotel was blessed. That didn't give much of assurance because again the ambiance caused us anxiety.

Aircon of Golden Valley Hotel

Here's a photo of the TV I was referring to. Oh, also, please take note that the water bottles that you find there on the desk are not free. I thought that complimentary bottled waters are typical and expected. Unfortunately, I was wrong and I needed to face the consequence of this hasty assumption by paying (literally) for it.

Anyway, the bath room is satisfactory -- nothing interesting and note-worthy. Still, it was not the kind of bath room I was expecting.

Bath Room of Golden Valley Hotel

The Breakfast
The breakfast here in Golden Valley is already inclusive in the room rate, and we found the food just okay. It's something within expectation, so I don't have any problems with it. Anyway, let me just share with you what we had.

Corned Beef Breakfast

Longanisa Breakfast with Egg

Golden Valley Hotel - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★☆
Rest Room  
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least about P1,300 per person/ night for two persons sharing a room

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Golden Valley is far below our expectations. It is generally outdated, and the facilities failed to keep up with the modern times. The air-conditioning unit was not that effective anymore in keeping the room temperature cool. The television is still the old CRT type. Given this experience, I am not giving this a positive recommendation, in fact I urge you to check out other hotels within the same price range but potentially better.

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Golden Valley Hotel
Location: 155 A Pelaez St, Cebu City, Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 253 8660

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