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Travel Guide on Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

Travel Guide on Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the busiest airports in Asia, with millions of passengers passing through it every year, and if you’re planning to visit Bangkok, one of the things you’ll need to know is how to navigate inside. The airport is also your first official stop in the country, and you don’t want to start it rattled. Hence, to make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible, here is a travel guide on Suvarnabhumi Airport focusing on three major aspects: (1) where to exchange currency, (2) where to eat, and (3) how to get around from the airport.

These are all based on my personal experience, and hopefully this blog post will allow you to feel more comfortable when you arrive in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Let’s go!

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Currency Exchange Shops
Right past the Luggage Services, you'll find the 3 currency exchange shops that are offering better rates

Where to Exchange Currency
When you arrive in Bangkok, you’ll need to exchange your currency for Thai Baht. However, if you exchange your money outright at the airport’s main hall, you’ll likely get an unfavorable exchange rate. Instead, head down to the Basement of the airport, and you’ll find there three (3) different currency exchange shops. In any of the three shops there, you can get a better exchange rate, normally with 10% difference compared to the rates offered by the exchanges in the main hall. 

One more thing, even in the basement, there is still a trap. You want to avoid the exchange shop that you’ll find right before the downward slope. It offers the same exchange rate with that in the main hall. Hence, make sure to walk past it, and when to move straight you’ll eventually find the better shops.

For Filipino travelers, it’s mostly better to convert first your PHP to USD in the Philippines, and have it exchanged to the destination country. For everybody else, you may conveniently exchange your money directly into the destination country.

Is it better to exchange currency in airport that outside? 
Based on my observation, the shops mentioned above are offering the same rates as what you'll find outside the airport. Hence, feel free to have them exchanged already.

Magic Food Point in Bangkok Airport

Where to Eat inside Suvarnabhumi Airport
Most of the restaurants and food stalls in the arrival section of the airport are pricey. Hence, for starter, I suggest that you go to the Food Court, called Magic Food Point, instead where the food prices range only from 55-85 THB compared to the 150+ THB in other stalls/restaurants. 

Inside Magic Food Point, Food Court of Suvarnabhumi Airport

The Food Court is located on Level 1, so you’ll need to make your way there after collecting your bags from the baggage claim on level 2. Once you reach the food court, you’ll need to queue for a cash card and top-up before you can make any purchases. The cash card does not cost anything, and any excess value can't be redeemed back when you surrender the card back.

Magic Food Point in Bangkok's Airport
There are numerous stores to choose from inside the food court, probably 10+ 

If you’re looking for a drink, there is a milk tea shop located on the right side as you enter an extended wing, where you can get a drink for just 40 baht. Other drinks are available within the same price range.

Miracle Coffee - Thai Milk Tea, Magic Food PointThailand's Famous Thai Milk Tea in Suvarnabhumi Airport
The Thai Milk Tea costed us 40 BHT each. For reference, Cha Tra Mue's costs 45 BHT for the similar drink.

Pad Thai in Magic Food Point, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand
This Pad Thai only costed me 70 BHT, very affordable and authentic

Pad Kra Pao in Magic Food Point, Bangkok Airport
This Pad Kra Pao costs only 70 BHT as well in one of the stalls inside Magic Food Point

Are the food found in the food court as good as the ones outside?
No, the ones that you'll find outside are better in terms of overall taste and quality, However, the ones that you'd find in the food court are way above decent to jumpstart the culinary adventure. 

Airport of Bangkok Connected via the Train System

How to Get Around From the Airport
Once you’ve exchanged your currency and had something to eat, you’ll need to make your way to your next destination. The best way to get around Bangkok is by train, and fortunately, Suvarnabhumi Airport is connected to the city’s train system. To get to the train, head down to the Basement, where you’ll find a sloping downward track where you can buy your ticket. You may either get your tickets via the vending machines, or the traditional way via the cashier.

The train system of Bangkok is generally interconnected. Hence, you will not have much problems going to the place where you will be staying. Overall, you may need to allot 80-120 BHT for your train tickets depending on how far your place of accommodation is located.

Train inside Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand

Interestingly, Grab is available in Thailand, and it will automatically update in the app. There is no need for you to do anything. It's basically magic, and you can book rides immediately. Trips may cost 450-550 BHT depending on your destination. 

That's me and my buddy, Emil. Hindi halatang wala pang tulog mga yarn. 

Airport Train of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi

Suvarnabhumi Airport can be overwhelming with its size and crowds, but with this guide, you should be able to navigate it with ease. Remember to exchange your currency at the basement (not in the main hall), head to the food court on level 1 for a meal, and take the train when it’s time to leave. With these tips, you’ll be able to start your Bangkok adventure without any hiccups. Happy travels!

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