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Where did David Guison get his custom-made suits in Thailand?

The Fashion House - Custom Suit Tailor Recommended by David Guison in Thailand

David Guison is a well-known fashion influencer in the Philippines. He has a huge following on social media, and his fans look up to him for fashion inspiration even way-back pre-TikTok era. This is why when he recommended The Fashion House in Platinum Mall in one of his videos, viewers took notice, and so did we. Hence, when we visited Thailand, we made sure to drop by the store, and to have our custom suit made. In this blog post, we'll share more details about the store including how to get there, prices and the procedures in getting your own custom-made suit. 

If you haven't seen the TikTok video he made, I'd include it below for reference.

@davidguison nagpagawa ako ng custom made suit sa bangkok, thailand! 🇹🇭 located at platinum mall #bangkok #thailand #platinummall #customsuit #suit ♬ Lofi / Chillout / Hiphop(930239) - musabeats

R-Walk Leading to The Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand
The photo above shows the R-Walk which connects BTS Chit Lom station to other establishments in the area, that includes Platinum Mall (see the letter P logo close to the center, that's it)

Store location and how to get there

If you're planning to visit The Fashion House, you will have to visit Platinum Mall and find it among the collection of stalls in the fourth floor. 

Via the BTS
For convenience, the best way to reach the mall is via Grab. However, if you have the energy for a long walk, you can take the BTS and drop-off the Chit Lom station. From there, you will have to walk roughly 1.5km (20-25 minutes) via the R-Walk to get to the Platinum Mall. No worries, because as you walk, you will be able to see the bustling city scene along with other famous landmarks and malls (such as Central World among others). 

If your entrance point is via the R-Walk, you will reach the extension wing of the mall which is not where Fashion House is located. You will still need to walk toward the other end and move to the original wing. There are signages to guide you on how to cross it. Once you reach the other side, you will see an escalator. Use it until you reach the 4th floor. Walk forward from the escalator until the end, and turn left. You will then be able to see the signage, “The Fashion House”. 

The Fashion House, Store 222, Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

There are multiple entrances to The Platinum Mall, so it's very easy to get lost. If all else fails, try to locate the store number 222, or inquire if you may.

Renz and Emil in The Fashion House, Bangkok, Thailand

Once you reach the store, you may already begin your conversation with Nick, the store owner. There are magazines available for you to pick as reference in designing the suit you like. You may also show him pictures of your peg. Afterwards, you'll be selecting the type and color of fabric you want. This is where the price comes in.

How much does a set cost? 
The cheapest price for a set (suit + pants) is 4,500 THB, approximately P7,200, with fabric of lower quality. For mid tier, it's going to be 5,500 THB, approximately P8,800, and lastly for the better fabrics, that's going to be 6,500 THB, approximately P10,400. That is not yet including potential discount you may score from Nick. 

Tip: When The Fashion House was recommended by fashion influencer David Guison, and echoed by Laureen Uy, lots of Filipinos have flocked into the store, which the owner acknowledges. Hence, feel free to ask for a “David Guison discount” from him by mentioning this. You might score about 500 THB off.

Emil getting his measurements in The Fashion House, Bangkok

How's the rest of the procedures?
Nick will then proceed with getting your measurements. He will be asking questions along the way on how fit or loose you want the pants and suit to be. Hence, feel free to communicate with him any requests or customization needed (i.e. extra pockets, etc.). 

He'll have his tailors work on the suit and pants after, and normally you'd be getting it within the next 24 hours, with the option of having it delivered to your hotel. 

Tip: If you have excess time, you may opt to drop by the store again for fitting, just to make sure if everything will be according to your liking. 

Contact details of the The Fashion House in Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand
Contact details of the The Fashion House in Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

This is me trying the suit and pants on, and I'm very much satisfied with the outcome. I plan to have more suits made in the future, and maybe try the cheaper fabrics.

Renz Cheng wearing custom-made suit from The Fashion HouseRenz Cheng wearing custom-made suit from The Fashion House
This is the custom-made suit and pants made, and it definitely has a great fit. In my case, I requested it to be a little snug, which it certainly was. Very nice!

If you're planning to visit Bangkok, and you are in need for custom-made suit, drop by The Fashion House. With its relative affordability and fast turn-around time, you'll definitely in for a deal, and who knows, you might even score a "David Guison discount" when you visit. Happy shopping!

The Fashion House
4F, The Platinum Mall, Zone 1, Soi Camden 6, Room 931, Petchaburi Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok Thailand

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