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Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast in Baguio - Review

Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast in Baguio - Review

Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast is one of the perfect places to stay in Baguio either for a solo travel or with a group. With elements of an old-fashion cabin embedded in its theme, Old Orangewood has the power to captivate its guests. The staff here in this B&B are also very accommodating and friendly. On top of all, prices are tourist-friendly making this accommodation a true value for money. 

Receiving area of Old Orangewood in Baguio

Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast was personally hand-picked by one of the friends I was traveling with during this trip. He visited this place several years back, and since he had a blast staying in here, he suggested this to the group. 

I was very thankful that he threw this in because this place is such a gem, and it truly made our stay in Baguio more memorable.

As a side story, I happened to go a day ahead here because of a coinciding trip I had in Baguio. Hence, what I did was to just stay in this place and avail their room that is good for one. In this blog post, we will actually focus on this room called Mt. Pulag, but before that, let's just tour around the place first. 

Living/common area of Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast in Baguio

Old Orangewood - cozy and friendly
One thing that will initially strike you when you step inside Old Orangewood is this cozy air from the cabin-inspired look of the common area (including the receiving area). Just by being there, you'd instantly feel the comforting figurative warmth of the place. 

You'd also find these dreamy soft couches (the one where you slightly sink when you sit on it) in front of the fireplace, which they open up once in a while depending on the occasion. 

Dining area of Old Orangewood, Baguio City

There are also sufficient tables and chairs in the dining area where you can opt to stay if you plan to do some work. This was something I did because on my first day here in Old Orangewood, I needed to remotely report to work. Thankfully, the wi-fi is very much reliable. Yes, it's free.

Also, for those who are on a tighter budget, this place is also very much suitable because they have microwave oven and a refrigerator. They will just ask you to properly label the goods you'd be storing inside the fridge. Hence, you can buy some ready-to-eat in groceries and warm them here. 

Refrigerator and microwave oven in Old Orangewood, Baguio

Water is also provided, so that makes it very convenient for the guests. Breakfast is also included in the packages, so that is one less of a worry for each day of stay here in Old Orangewood. For coffee lovers, great news. They serve unlimited coffee during breakfast. 

Mt. Pulag room of Old Orangewood Bed & BreakfastHallway of Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast

If you are traveling solo, I really insist that you go for the Mt. Pulag room because there is an additional novelty in the experience. As you can see on the photo above, you will need to take this spiral staircase to reach the room. It leads you straight to the door. Hence, this stairs is exclusive for Mt. Pulag guest alone. Yeah, talk about exclusivity! 

Mt. Pulag room of Old Orangewood Baguio

Once you open the door, you will be greeted by the adorable interior reminiscent of a doll house bedroom. It is important to note, however, that since the room is situated at the peak of the structure, the temperature may get warm around noon. 

Mt. Pulag Room in Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast

The sheets are noticeably clean and fresh, and they provide complimentary hygiene kit (soap, shampoo and toothbrush). There is also a functional TV, but I think you won't be needing this because you'd definitely prefer to tour around the city. 

Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast, Mt. Pulag room

I enjoyed my solitary confinement here in Mt. Pulag -- all thanks to the simple yet captivating interior. I was able to just relax and watch all my thoughts melt away. By the way, the internet reaches this part despite being located at the peak, and it's actually still very reliable because I took a zoom call here. It was smooth. 

Bath room of Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast

For those who are particular about the toilet, the bath room is pretty decent (as you can see in the photo), but the most important thing to note is that they have a water heater connected to the shower

Overall, my stay here rates 10/10. Top 3 contributor to this rating is the value for money, free breakfast and great beds. 

Tip: It is best to book by contacting Old Orangewood directly rather than via booking sites. Actually, it was the receptionist herself who told me this. Via I spent around P1,600 for the Mt. Pulag room, but when you avail directly, it is roughly around P1,200 only per night. For the group rooms, the average cost per night is around P800-P900

Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast
20 F.Gomez Street,, Lower P.Burgos, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

You may contact them directly via their FB Page. 

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