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ON Villas by The Pad w/ Private Pool in Clark, Pampanga

ON Villas by The Pad w/ Private Pool in Clark, Pampanga

Looking for a family-friendly place to stay that has its own private swimming pool in Clark, Pampanga? Well, you may consider ON Villas by The Pad because the villas here have a large modern living room, 4 wonderfully curated bedrooms (each with its own bathroom), a fully functional kitchen and of course its own private pool. On top of it all, the rates here are relatively affordable, plus they come with access to the Spa where you can go for a relaxing sauna. 

If you are not sold yet, well scroll through the post here and let that change your mind. 

ON Hotel in Clark, Pampanga

ON Villas by The Pad is conveniently situated in the heart of Clark, and you can easily navigate through here by searching ON Hotel in Waze or Google Maps. There is a 7-Eleven at a walking distance, which makes it easy to grab anything you forgot to pack. Also, with few steps from there, you'll reach a nearby Korean Grocery Store where you can buy soju, Korean ice cream and anything in between. In fact, if you feel like cooking in the villa, you may also buy your meat and vegetables here.

ON Villas by The Pad in Clark, Pampanga

Once you are in ON Hotel, you'd just walk slightly on the right where you'd be seeing colorfully painted houses, which happen to be the villas for rent. In my estimate, there is probably more than 10 villas here in the area. However, despite the number, it may still take about 3 months in advance to be able to secure a slot here in ON Villas.

You have two options to reserve here in ON Villas. (1) via ON Hotel itself; (2) via an Airbnb Booking. Since, we went for the option 2, that's the only thing that I am knowledgeable of. I'd be sharing the link of the Airbnb here which you may also use as reference about the place itself and perhaps available dates. -- On Villas by The Pad inside Clark w/ private pool (Airbnb). At the time of our booking, one night is at P10,000. 

ON Villas by The Pad, Clark, Pampanga (Airbnb)

Anyway, if you'd also be booking via Airbnb, once you reach the place, you'd proceed to the ON Hotel reception area where you'd be giving a P5,000 returnable deposit, along with the room key. By default, only one room key will be given, but you will be able to request for one just in case you will need it.

ON Pool Villa by The Pad, Clark, Pampanga

The room key is digital, so you'll just tap it to unlock the door. Once it opens up, you/d stumble upon a very spacious living area that is marked with its modern appeal. 

Living area of ON Villas by The Pad, Clark, Pampanga

This living area is so spacious that if ever you are in a mood for a movie night, everyone will be able to join in all chilled and relaxed. By the way, one tip for you is to bring an HDMI cable, so you can link it up to your laptop. Or if you have a Chromecast that will work as well. The TV did not seem to be a smart one, so there's no built-in Netflix to it.

Kitchen and Dining of ON Villas, The Pad

The kitchen and dining area is also generally spacious, which is completely functional. There is a two-door refrigerator to hold off your goods, a microwave, an electric kettle and an induction cooker. This is very helpful if you'd be bringing stuff to cook over (makes the trip even more budget-friendly, however, there are a bunch of great restaurants to explore if you happen to have extra). 

Alternate view of Kitchen and Dining of ON Villas, The Pad

Here are some other shots of the kitchen and dining area to give you better view.

Dining area in ON Villas, Clark, Pampanga

Alright, so we are moving on to the rooms, and it happens to have 4 of them here. Each is able to comfortably accommodate two (2) per room i.e. queen-sized beds. 

Room 1 of ON Villas, The Pad, Clark, Pampanga
Room 1 in the ground floor

The room in the ground floor is the smallest among all, but this also happens to be the most convenient as well since you don't need to go up to get some rest. All rooms have their own TVs, and air-conditioning units.

Rooms in ON Villas by The Pad, Pampanga
Room 2 of the ON Villas, Clark Pampanga

Rooms in ON Villas by The Pad in Clark
Room 3 (which is almost identical to Room 2)

Both Rooms 2 and 3 are almost identical with enough room space that makes it more open compared to Room 1. Similarly, it has its own bathroom and TV. 

Master's Bedroom in ON Villas, The Pad
Master's Bedroom (the most spacious one)

The fourth room which happens to be the largest is what I assume to be the master's bedroom. It also has the view of the pool area making it the "primest" room among all. Hence, if you happen to be the one organizing for this vacation, you may want to call dibs on this.

All rooms are generally great. The only con that I have for the rooms here ON Villas is that the sheets do not seem to be freshly washed. In fact, generally, the place can use more tidying up to level up the staycation experience. As a possible remedy, you may want to bring some disinfectant sprays.

Bathroom of ON Villas, The Pad, Clark, Pampanga

The toilet is modern and decent, but one big thing to note is that there is no bidet in any of the toilets. Hence, it is advisable for you to bring your own tabo. Towels are provided along with some basic toiletries including shampoo, soap and tissue papers. 

Renz Cheng in ON Villas, Clark PampangaWander Kid Travels in ON Villas, The Pad

Okay, last but definitely not the least, let's explore the pool area, and for most of us, this could even be something that you'd look forward the most. 

However, with all honesty, the pool is completely basic. I personally believe that they can further improve the visuals of this area. As to the size, the pool can comfortably accommodate about 4-5 people at a time. My tip is for you to bring floaters and all those colorful stuff to give more life to the pool area. This is what we did for us, since we also felt like doing photoshoots.

Private Pool of ON Villas, The Pad, Clark, Pampanga

So there you go! That covers mostly about this place. In a nutshell, I'd say that this is pretty much has value for money. In fact, we are still discussing among us of going in here some time in the future. Let me know your thoughts by dropping comments! 

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