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Unisan Quezon Infinity Pool + Hidden Beach (Calilayan Cove) 2D1N

Unisan Quezon Infinity Pool + Hidden Beach (Calilayan Cove) 2D1N

After almost a year of being enclosed within the Metro, I finally got to have a temporary glitch in Unisan, Quezon, for a very quick weekend getaway (2D1N). 

The Unisan Quezon Infinity Pool + Hidden Beach Tour

In this blog post, I'll be sharing with you about the place we visited (along with the tour we availed). I'll also be sharing my first camping experience, which was a total struggle for a city kid like me. 

The Unisan Quezon Infinity Pool + Hidden Beach Tour 
This tour we availed was organized by Adventuristas Travel & Tours (supposedly), but within the tour itself, we shortly noticed that we were instead endorsed to another tour, and apparently got combined with theirs. Hence, there were major changes to our initial itinerary and inclusions stated in their FB page. Given that such thing might be common for this kind of trips, it's best to clarify with your contact person just to be sure. Nevertheless, it was still an overall rich experience. 

Unisan Sands part of Unizan Quezon Tour (2D1N)

You can look for other tours in Facebook Pages, so you can compare prices, but post-covid, the rate per head for this tour ranges from P2,500 to P3,000, with varying inclusions. Ours with Adventuristas Travel & Tours, and we were able to get it at P2,799 per head. 

  • Roundtrip Van Transfer (from the agreed pickup point)
  • Drivers fee, gas and toll fees
  • Tent rental (2-3 pax per tent)
  • 3 hosted meals
  • Entrance fees
  • Environment fees
  • Access to beach and swimming pool
Pickup Arrangements
The trip started off with us being picked up in the selected meet-up points. Ours was in Greenfield, Ortigas, and the time of pickup is normally 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM. Given that it was still a time during pandemic, there was social distancing inside the van, with just 2 people in each row. Of course, this pushed the price per head upward compared to the pre-pandemic rate. 

The ride to the first destination took about 5-6 hours. Hence, we arrived probably 6:30 AM. We were mostly trying to get sleep throughout the ride, but of course, it was difficult to get a decent sleep in this setup. 

Unisan Sands Resort in Quezon Province

1st Destination: Unisan Sands Inifinity Pool
Depending on the tour's inclusions, an entrance fee of P200 will be collected. For our case, we insisted that this was included in the rate we paid, to which they confirmed with our initial contact person. 

Unisan Sands Infinity Pool, Quezon Tour

...a bit bare with just the basics in place

This resort was a bit bare with just the basics in place. However, there was beauty to the simplicity of it, as this allowed us to pin our attention to nature (e.g. coconut trees, sand and beach).

Blogger tip: Bring with you a picnic mat or cloth because everything else in here, you need to rent/pay. Plus, bring something you can eat for breakfast because dishes here are overpriced. 

The primary attraction of this place is the infinity pool, so if you are in the mood for a swim, this is the time to do it. However, do note that the pool does not look as huge as the photos would portray. Of course, you may also stroll by the beach if you'd want to, but you can do that in the 2nd destination.

Unisan Sands Resort, Quezon Province

You'll be staying here for about 6 hours, so if you don't plan to swim, make sure to bring with you some portable source of entertainment such as card / board games. Also, very important to note, there is no network signal/connection here in Unisan Sands, hence make sure to really have something to keep you entertained. A book will be nice as well.

At a little past 12:00 NN, the organizers will call in the joiners (that's what they call us), and move to the 2nd destination, which will take roughly 45 minutes. 

Calilayan Cove Hidden Beach in Quezon Province

2nd Destination: Calilayan Cove ("Hidden Beach")
Although this does not have a pool, Calilayan Cove has a vibe that I found richer and livelier. The perimeter is also larger, which gives more notion of freedom and relaxation. Once settled in, the organizers will hand over the tends, which you'll be the one to pitch. Beginners (such as myself) may find some struggle setting it up (and I did). 

Calilayan Cove Park and Resort, Quezon Province
Calilayan Cove Camping Area - Unisan Tour

ngiting tagumpay na naset-up namin ang tent


Once you've pitched the tend, the rest of the time would be yours. Free meals (depending on the organizers) may start at dinner, hence you need to be the ones to source your lunch. Luckily, the restaurant here in this place is way better than the one in Unisan Sands. Prices here are more reasonable as well, so there's nothing much to worry from this point. Oh, by the way, try their buko pie here! It's delicious. 

After lunch, we just chilled by our tents, and rested up. It was almost dusk when we woke up, so we hurriedly tried finding a spot to get a view of the changing skies. Good thing, this spot right here was vacant. 

Perfect Spot in Calilayan Cove Resort, Unisan

the view from this hut is dreamy, so make sure to eye for this key spot

Sunset in Calilayan Cove in Unisan, Quezon

We spent the rest of our evening here playing cards, and drinking sojus we brought with us. Dinner, as mentioned was provided by the tour organizers. Great food actually. A night of kwentuhan and heart-to-heart moments capped the day. 

Calilayan Cove at Dusk, Unisan, Quezon Province

Backaches and nightmares
As a first timer, sleeping in a tent was an ordeal for me. We did not come very prepared, so we didn't have anything that can cushion the ground. That night was also violently windy (given that some low pressure area was brewing), hence I found myself jerking awake from the horrifying shaking of the tent (of course, part of this is overreaction). 

Blogger tip: Bring a sleeping mat with you or something that serves as a cushion. This will improve the comfort level of sleeping under the tent. 

Beach area of Calilayan Cove Resort, Unisan Quezon

The next morning was spent just further enjoying the scene. Our favorite spot was occupied all throughout, so as a tip, always be on a lookout for that perfect spot. 

We also did a quick swim, just so we can say that we did. However, the waves were shallow (no fun), but the water was thankfully tolerably cold despite the cloudy day. It was enjoyable, but perhaps even more so if the sun actually showed up that time. 

Swing area for kids and kids-at-heart, Calilayan Cove
Hammocks in Calilayan Cove, Unisan Quezon

Lunch served as the final activity of the tour, and given that this is the case, let me share the photo of the fiesta table. 

organizers prepared fresh watermelon, sautéed crabs and liempo 

Lunch prepared by tour organizers in Unisan Tour - Calilayan Cove

As a recap, the tour costed us P2,799 each including the to-and-fro ride, tent rental and three (3) meals. Not bad, I'd say. In fact, I'd like to come back with a vengeance wherein I'd be bringing all those that I should have.

Overall Unisan Sands and Calilayan Cove are marvelous. Check it out, and let me know what you think. 

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