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Trilaloo the Podcast and the People Behind It

Trilaloo the Podcast and the People Behind It

All my travel plans were shelved due to the pandemic. I was supposed to be in Taiwan last March 2020 together with my family, and Australia in May 2020. Frankly, I already got excited about having a lot to post about in this blog. However, things such as this pandemic do happen, and I needed to pivot. Hence, this explain the lack of update and content in this blog post. 

The travel conditions placed a heavy limit on the content I can generate; hence, I plan to focus on sharing more about hobbies and home-based activities instead. This explains why I'm sharing with you the podcast 2 of my other friends created out of whim. It's called "Trilaloo" with a tagline of "Ang Podcast na Masakit sa Uloo".

Trilaloo - Ang Podcast na Masakit sa Uloo
Trilaloo started sort of a joke among us. It originated from 'Trulaloo', which was supposedly the name of our show in Youtube. We started with a huge team back then, but interest slowly waned out as we were swarmed with the demands of reality. Then, it went down to the three of us, which made us say "Ay, Trinalang (three na lang) tayo". Eventually, it iterated to Trilaloo in reference to its supposed original name. 

Trilaloo Podcast on Spotify

Theme of Trilaloo
There is no central theme here in the Podcast. It's sort of an experiment for us to enhance our thinking process and spontaneity. We're also not very much used to hearing our own voices which we want to break free from, and that's another motivation to do this. Eventually, Trilaloo might take shape depending on feedback and things we pick up along the way, but for now, I hope you'll ride with us as we discover it. 

You can listen to the podcast via Spotify: Trialoo the Podcast

Trilaloo Cast (from left to right) - Renz, Emil and Edna

The People Behind Trilaloo
So there's me as part of the trio, and as you may know (or not) I started a food blogger, and I attempted to venture into travel blogging (though again, this blog hasn't taken much flight yet, literally as well). I am a finance guy. There's Emil, who is a fellow Millennial Capricorn, and works as a risk guy. Then, there's Edna, a Gemini sandwiched between two generations, who's more of the IT girl (can be interpreted in any ways you want, as an "it" girl or as an "I.T." person). 

The Powerpuff Trio of Trilaloo Podcast (from left to right) - Emil, Edna and Renz

The three of us met when we were all working in the top auditing firm here in the Philippines under its advisory arm. That explains why despite the difference in our specialization, we were able to work together under the same department.

Together, we are just a bunch of crazies trying to figure out life, and trying to find humor or fun to it. Get to know more of us by tuning into our podcast - Trilaloo

Listen to the first ever episode here:

Trilaloo is available on Spotify and other podcast channels such as Anchor, Breaker and etc. Each week we release brand new content, so stay tuned!

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