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Costa Villa Beach Resort, Urbiztondo, La Union

Costa Villa Beach Resort, Urbiztondo, La Union

Costa Villa became home for our 3-day stay in Urbiztondo, La Union, and though we were generally thankful for it, there were some quirks we encountered. In this blog post, I'll be sharing more about the place along with some tips on how to improve your stay here in Costa Villa.

Costa Villa is one of several inns/hostels lined up along the entire stretch a few meters away from Urbiztondo's beach. Unlike nearby hostels (which are becoming more artsy as they rise), Costa Villa is your typical home-like accommodation. It's very straightforward. You get an air-conditioned room to stay and a decent toilet. Costa Villa does not, however, have any other amenities, but that's fine because guests are expected to be out most of the time. After all, we all go to La Union for the beach not the hotels or inns.

Costa Villa Interior, Urbiztondo, La Union

Perks of Staying in Costa Villa 
While there are numerous options at hand, I'm sharing with you the perks of staying in Costa Villa. You can use these to evaluate your options.
  • Costa Villa is near all the key attractions in Urbiztondo:
    • 3 minutes away from the beach area
    • 7 minutes away from Flotsam & Jetsam (read more), Urbiztondo's most famous nightlife hot spot
    • 10 minutes away from the Great North West, another hip food park flooded with IG-worthy stalls
    • 15 minutes away from Partas bus stop in Sebay (near 7-Eleven)
  • Early check-in is allowed subject to room availability and upon payment of P700 per room. We were able to check in as early as 6:30 am.
  • Bath towels are provided. If you get lucky, they'll provide shampoo in sachets. Oh, interestingly they have heater for the shower.
Room in Costa Villa Beach Resort, La Union

Toilet/Bathroom Costa Villa Beach Resort, Urbiztondo, La Union

Internet connectivity
Costa Villa doesn't provide Wi-Fi. Globe's signal is weaker than Smart for both mobile data and general sms/calls. I had a SMART sim card with me which allowed me to have H+ connection with decent speed ranging from 10kbps to 1Mbps.

Edna Aldave in the shadows, Costa Villa Beach Resort

The Quirks
When we checked in, we were given a room that fell extremely short of expectation. Needless to say, it was disappointing. The bed cushions were wet, blankets were damp, lighting was bad, and there were dead roaches all around the place (we found not less than 4). It was unbearable, so we asked to be transferred in another room. Thankfully, they accommodated our request. We were then assigned to a cleaner room with better lighting and less damp sheets. It became satisfactory.

Costa Villa - Overall Ratings and Summary

Budget: A room for six (6) costs P4,000 a night. Hence, that's approximately P670 per head/night.  Rates may vary depending on seasonality.

This is the only place we stayed during our travel, so I can't exactly tell whether there are better hostels or inns. However, other than the quirk experience on the first few hours, everything went smooth after.

Costa Villa
Location: Urbiztondo, MacArthur Highway, San Juan, La Union
Contact Number: (072) 607 3060

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