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The Henry Hotel - a hidden paradise in Pasay City

The Henry Hotel - a hidden paradise in Pasay City

Would you believe that a place like this is tucked within Metro Manila, particularly in Pasay City? One look, and you'll feel like you just traveled back in time. With such simple yet captivating elegance, The Henry Hotel surely merits a visit.

Rustic architecture of The Henry Hotel, Pasay City

Visiting The Henry Hotel was totally unplanned and unexpected for us. We were having a food trip in Cartimar (read more) that morning, and the next thing we knew, we were already hopping out of the marketplace in search of a restaurant, where we could continue our catch-ups.

Candee, one of my friends I was having food trip with, suggested Apartment 1B. She mentioned that not only was it near Cartimar, it also happens to be inside The Henry Hotel, which she described as a nice place. That description didn't prepare me to see something like this. Nice was an understatement.

The Henry Hotel in Pasay City

As the gate literally opened (through the assistance of the guard), a great scenery flashed before my eyes. I couldn't believe it at first, but the more I saw, the more convinced I became that indeed this is paradise hidden in the city.

If you are worrying about parking spaces, you shouldn't. There's plenty, and it's very convenient.

The Henry Hotel - rustic boutique hotel in Pasay

I excitedly got off the car, took my DSLR out, and attempted to capture the breathtaking view through my lens. My attempt did some justice, but it's still way different when you are physically witnessing the grandeur of the place.

Spanish-Filipino Heritage in The Henry Hotel's architecture

I'd like to point out though, that using DSLR (or any other professional-looking camera) is apparently prohibited, not unless you get a permit from the management. It just so happened that I was able to take all of these photos right before I got notified of the policy. However, fret not, because you can freely use your smartphones to take photos around, selfies and groufies included.

Nica Ang and Cyd Cotingting in The Henry Hotel

...highly-optimistic energy that you can feel and even see

The nature-filled pathway that leads to Apartment 1B makes a great background for action shots, such as this semi-candid photo I took of my friends. Plus, all the elements found within the vicinity of The Henry Hotel work together in giving this highly-optimistic energy that you can feel and even see.

Fountain in The Henry Hotel, Pasay City

The pathway leads you to this area where you'll find a fountain right at the middle. The scenery easily captivates, allowing you to just relax as you hear the water trickling down.

Fountain in The Henry Hotel, Pasay City

Just before we headed inside Apartment 1B, we first took a quick detour to the swimming pool. It was just a few steps away from the fountain, so it was no big deal. Plus, it was funny how I felt like Adam exploring the garden of Eden when I walked through the shrubs that was hiding the area from plain sight.

Pool Area of The Henry Hotel, Pasay City

As we were enjoying the view, we suddenly heard our stomachs rumble, which we then took as a cue to proceed now to Apartment 1B.

Apartment 1B in The Henry Hotel, Pasay City

The restaurant has an interior that reinforces the overall theme of The Henry Hotel. The quaint yet elegant interior builds upon this rustic feel that has been omnipresent within the entire compound. It's one of those places you visit which has an applaudable consistent theme

Interior of Apartment 1B in The Henry Hotel

Of course, dishes of Apartment 1B further reinforce the experience with its scrumptious selection. I'd be talking about this in my food blog, so I hope I'll see you there. (Link shall be posted here once I finish writing the article).

Baked Ribs in Apartment 1B, The Henry Hotel

If you want to be temporarily disconnected from the city (without the need of being physically too far away), you can just drop a visit here in The Henry Hotel, and grab a few bites in Apartment 1B. Of course, if you have excess budget, you can stay for the night, and further explore what they can offer. Regardless, it was a great reset being here in this place.

Renz Cheng and HS friends in Apartment 1B, Henry Hotel

The Henry Hotel Quick Guide

Things to see/do: The compound itself has a relaxing and elegant heritage feel given by the architecture of the houses. You can stay in for the night, or you may just drop by the only restaurant inside, Apartment 1B

Budget needed: If you'll dine in Apartment 1B, this will cost you roughly P500 per head. If you'll be staying the night, it's approximately P5,000 a night for a room.

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. It's rare to find a hidden gem tucked within the busy streets of Pasay City.

How to get there: You can take the jeepney going to Baclaran area, and be dropped off near The Heritage Hotel, from there you can have 7-10 minute walk to the place. However, the most convenient way is to either take a taxi or your own car.

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