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Le Spa - Sofitel's Ultra-Relaxing Wellness Sanctuary

Le Spa - Sofitel's Ultra-Relaxing Wellness Sanctuary

Sofitel is one of the iconic hotels in Metro Manila. Honorary guests and celebrities would normally pick this particular hotel for their accommodation. For locals, Sofitel has been an epitome of luxury and comfort, which explains why it’s often a top candidate for staycations. However, aside from the hotel itself, another aspect that is worthy of giving attention to is its relaxation and rejuvenation services under Le Spa.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experience trying out a message while also featuring Le Spa’s extraordinary locker room that surprisingly houses a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

Le Spa Reception Area - Sofitel Hotel

The lobby of Le Spa is stunningly comforting with a vibe that immediately melts the heart (including all the stress away). The sound of water trickling blends with the music sending a wave of immense comfort. The sensation is further elevated by the cozy lighting and the softness of the sofa. I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t help but capture the moment through my camera.

Le Spa's interior in Sofitel Manila, Philippines

Guests are given utmost care. Whenever I interact with any of the staff, they never fail to have spark in their eyes as they smile.

Le Spa's interior in Sofitel Manila, Philippines

...isn’t your ordinary locker room since you’ll find there a Jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna

Le Spa Locker Room with Jacuzzi

One of the many things that separates Le Spa from in-house spa of other hotels is the locker room, which isn’t your ordinary locker room since you’ll find there a Jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna. It truly makes it a “relaxation paradise”.

Le Spa Locker Room with Jacuzzi

Right before my scheduled massage, I stayed for about 10 minutes in the steam room. The experience was completely rejuvenating! It felt like all the toxins were flowing out of my body. I took a short rest, and let my body cool down before I took a shower. Afterwards, I waited back in the lobby.

Le Spa Locker Room with cold Jacuzzi

Now, as I sat there waiting for the therapist, I was handed a warm cup of ginger tea, which released comforting warmth and goodness throughout my body.

Shortly, I was escorted upstairs where all the spa rooms are located. I was awed by the sight. The interior and set-up had this luxurious feel, allowing me to feel all giddy inside. I regretted not bringing my camera or phone with me, but I guess this shall build “suspense” for you. In fact, I think it will be best for you to personally discover it.

Le Spa Wellness Sanctuary in Sofitel, Manila

Breathtaking private rooms
The magic didn’t stop there. When I was further escorted to the room, I was again stunned. The room felt like a regular hotel room, but pulsates a deeper sense of serenity. There’s curtain, sofa chairs and other furniture that work together in giving that “private moment feels” – a sanctuary, indeed. It was dimly lit, and for a while I thought I was royalty. No kidding (but perhaps there’s exaggeration). I guess I was just used to spa clinics wherein the rooms are all cramped up with nothing to find but the massage bed.

It was an hour of pure bliss. My muscles were tamed. Strains were eased out. It felt like my body began floating midway. I dozed off near the end. It was that relaxing!  The therapist definitely knew how to hit the right spots.

How I wish it could have lasted longer, but things (good and bad) do have endings, so I rested a bit more. I toweled off some excess oil, wore back my robe and headed to the locker room to change. My spirit was lifted, and I promised myself to achieve things that shall merit me another massage here in LeSpa. In short, I highly recommend Le Spa!

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