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Baguio: The Ultimate Summer Capital of the Philippines

Baguio: The Ultimate Summer Capital of the Philippines

Deemed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio is one of the few places in the country where the climate is consistently cool/cold throughout the year. This explains why the province tends to be crowded, consistently as well throughout the year (though peaking in Summer as many locals seek refuge of the intense heat).

Baguio City, Philippines in February

Despite being 4-6 hours away from Metro Manila (via private car), Baguio still remains to be one of the top choices for Manilenyos to chill or spend a long weekend. Such happened to apply for us last February 2019.

Nature Photography in Baguio City

Over the years of development, Baguio already feels and looks like a full-fledged city. As more and more families (both local and foreign) decide to settle here in Baguio, many parts of the city tend to be overcrowded already. In fact, you may also deal with the same level of "traffic" condition in the Metro Manila, especially during peak season.

Nature Photography in Baguio City

Due to the cold weather, most houses here in Baguio incorporates wooden elements in its structure and design. This I believe insulates the house from the cold. However, not only was this functional, it also adds appeal to the entire scenery.

Cabin-like houses in Baguio City
Coniferous trees in Baguio City due to cold climate

I wanted to brush up my nature photography, so I took the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful scenery around the place where we stayed.

Houses in Baguio City - Travel Photography

Below is a photo of the exact place where we stayed for our 2-night stay in Baguio.

Cabin-like homes of Baguio City
Leaf - Nature Photography

If you haven't noticed, trees here are coniferous, far different from what we usually see in the Metro. This tends to make us feel like we are in another face of the earth, though geographically true.

We didn't stroll far enough. In fact, we opted to really just chill and use the vacation to recover from office burnout, and I'd say it was pretty effective.

Flower - Nature Photography in Baguio City

When the sun started setting down, I hurriedly took my camera to capture the moment. It was glorious. I felt like I'm watching a famous artist paint a masterpiece. It was brief, but magnificent.

Sunset in Baguio nature photography
Sunset in Forest - Baguio nature photography

Baguio Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Usual activities in Baguio include strawberry picking, horseback riding, musuem visits and park visits. As for food, it's common to try out the Strawberry Taho, and other delicacies from the souvenir stores such as Golden Shepherd. I suggest you buy some Ube Jam, Strawberry Jam and Alfajor. These are my top 3 pasalubong/food souvenirs.

Is it wander-worthy? It's wander-worthy, all thanks to the unusual scenery (that deviates from what we normally see) and the temperate climate.

How to get there: It's best to have a private car to take you there. Roads are very steep so you may need a car that can withstand the slopes. There are buses from Metro Manila that may also take you to Baguio.

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