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The Garage's VR Zone in City of Dreams: Rates + Review

The Garage VR Zone in City of Dreams: Rates + Review

It's digital playtime everyone! We have come to point where gaming is further elevated to a different spectrum. City of Dreams recently launched 'The Garage' which hosts a VR Zone that gives gaming enthusiasts a new experience.

3 VR Games in the The Garage: VR Zone

What's the VR Zone?
The VR Zone is a 7-10 minute gaming experience that fully immerses you through its technology and equipment. It starts off with the VR gear, and completed by other machines/equipment depending on your chosen game. Currently, there are three (3) games to chose from: Ski Rodeo, Hospital Escape Terror and Mario Kart.

VR Zone in The Garage, City of Dreams

In line with the theme, the entire VR play area is illuminated by neon lights giving it a futuristic feel.

Game 1: Ski Rodeo (P350 per player)
This game will make you feel like you a skiing through a downward slope. The objective of the game is to dodge all the trees and safely ski your way down. The special equipment for this looks like a cardio you usually see on gym. Though we haven't tried it, the crew explained to use that you will be navigating the skis. Maximum players: 2

Ski Rodeo of The Garage: VR Zone

Game 2: Hospital Escape Terror (P325 per player)
This game is a scare-based coop game wherein all the players are bound on a gaming wheelchair. In this game, you are all hospital patients trapped with a psycho killer. The objective is to escape with all of your friends. It's going to be all or nothing, which means if one of your friends gets fails to escape, the whole group loses. You'll be navigating through the game using the controls/keys in the gaming wheelchair. Maximum players: 4

This is the most-recommended game among the 3, since it's very immersive, and it really maximizes the VR experience. Just be brave.

Immersive escape VR game in The Garage, City of Dreams

Game 3: Mario Kart (P325 per player)
Perhaps the most kid-friendly game among all the three, Mario Kart levels up the nostalgic and iconic game we all loved to play. The game play is pretty much how you remember it to be. You'll be racing off against each other, and you can get items (e.g. banana peel, yoshi's shell, bomb, etc.) to ace your way to the finish line. Just like in arcade, you'll be riding this equipment which has a steering wheel, gas and break. The chair also vibrates/reacts to whatever your player encounters in the game, including the simulation of actual driving.

We agreed to play this game, since apparently, nobody wants to "scare themselves".

Mario Kart VR Racing in The Garage, Manila

So here's my photo while playing Mario Kart VR. By the way, the player's vision is projected behind (as a backdrop) for the audience.

Renz Cheng playing Mario Kart VR in The Garage

I almost won with my Princess Kart, but on the last 10 seconds of the game I got hit by a bomb, which caused my ranking to slip from 1st to 4th. Anyway, despite the short gaming experience, I was very much satisfied with it. 

Alberto Del Rosario on Mario Kart VR

I'd say that the rates are pretty high, but VR is currently on its infant stage, so you'll basically experience it ahead of others. I also heard that the Mario Kart VR equipment costs no lower than P50,000 each, so that basically explains the rate.

Berto, Cyd, Johannes, Renz, Gail and Nica in The Garage, VR Zone

Aside from the VR Zone, another attraction here in The Garage is the food park. You'll love how the ambiance resembles that of an outdoor garden. It's a great place to just chill with your friends or family.

Wonderful interior of The Garage in City of Dreams
Chilling in the food park of The Garage, City of Dreams

Currently, there are no less than 9 food trucks found in the Garage, each offering a certain specialty.

Nachos from El Chupacabra in The Garage VR Food Park

I have dedicated a special post in my food blog regarding our experience dining here, and you may read more about it here: Exploring the Food Trucks in The Garage Food Park.

Pizza Grigliata in The Garage VR Food Park

The Garage Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Try out any of the 3 VR games (Mario Kart, Hospital Escape Terror or Ski Rodeo), enjoy the garden-like interior of the food park, and then go on a food trip by checking out 9+ food trucks within

Budget needed: P700 each for one VR game + lunch/dinner

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. Right now, this is the first of its kind. It may be pricey, but you'll really be immersed with all the VR equipment. If you are short on budget, you may still check out the wonderful interior, and maybe order a dish or two.

How to get there: You can take buses that go to Las Piñas from Baclaran LRT Station. These buses also pass by Taft Avenue (if you are in Manila). Once you see Nobu Hotel, that's the time you'll get off the bus, and it will just be a few walks from there.

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