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A Quick Tour in Circuit Mall - pond, sky garden and more

A Quick Tour in Circuit Mall - fountains, sky garden and more

When we heard that the “mall” section of Circuit Makati opened up, I got really curious. I wanted to see what it has to offer. Days passed and I finally got the opportunity to visit when my dad and I decided to explore something new on Christmas Day.

Man-made pond of Circuit Lane, Makati

I've been here in Circuit Makati for about thrice already before this particular visit, and back then, you'll only see restaurants. It was an entire stretch filled with coffee shops, restaurants, milk tea stores and anything in between. However, even before the mall section was finished, I still find the place mesmerizing because of the "man-made pond" that flows almost from end-to-end.

The photo above was the only section before, but it has become more exciting now that the mall section opened up.

Mall-of-Asia-like structure of Circuit Mall, Makati

Opening of the "Circuit Mall"
The stretch of restaurant was just a tiny portion of the entire compound. I didn't expect the mall section to be so huge!

The mall's structure (see photo above) reminded me of Mall of Asia, bridging the “classy” image of Ayala and lightly repackaging it to appeal to the general publicbreaking the intimidation and giving it a more open attitude.

The outdoor section of the Circuit Mall

I'm comparing Circuit Mall with Mall of Asia because just like the latter, Circuit also has an "outdoor" portion. However, what separates Circuit Mall for now is the presence of Sky Garden. I'm saying "for now" because Mall of Asia is also in the process of building its own Sky Garden. I guess that's the hip thing nowadays.

Ayala Mall in Circuit Lane - Sky Garden

The Sky Garden makes Circuit Mall perfect for families (especially those with kids). You can just sit on the artificial grass as you gaze upon the view.

Circuit Mall's Sky Garden -- Makati City

The landscape is breathtaking. It gives you a wonderful view of Makati’s skyscrapers. This part of the sky garden feels like a huge movie screen, watching nature and urban living collaborate for a masterpiece

Cinema in Ayala Mall, Circuit Lane, Makati

The Sky Garden also serves as the gateway for two main attractions here in Circuit Mall -- the Cinema (see photo above) and the Gargantuan Timezone (see photos below).

Huge Timezone in Circuit Mall

A gigantic space for fun in Circuit Mall
The Timezone here in Circuit Mall is the LARGEST one I've seen in my entire childhood (and life for that matter). Can you believe that they have a bowling alley here? 

Bowling Alley in Timezone, Circuit Makati

You'll also find tons of arcade games spread across the entire hall, and although I wasn't able to take photo, there are also Billiard tables there for more barkada fun!

Arcade Games in Timezone, Circuit Mall

To further level up the fun, there are also KTV rooms available, so it's really a perfect place to re-live childhood or even our teenage days!

Timezone in Circuit Mall, Makati

The mall is still in the process of filling up its mall with merchants, but even so, there are already fantastic things to see and enjoy. Imagine if it reaches 100% completion. I bet there will be a lot more to watch out for.

A mall perfect for chilling in Makati City - Circuit Lane

Circuit Mall has the potential to steal Mall of Asia’s spotlight as a favorite go-to place for families. It covers all the essentials and extra components that appeal to many. Check it out!

Circuit Mall Quick Guide

Things to see/do: The man-made pond is certainly something awesome to see including the Sky Garden and the huge Timezone 'park' inside (where you can play arcades, billiards and bowling)

Budget needed: None unless you’ll be spending for food or shopping

Is it wander-worthy? Circuit Mall is definitely wander-worthy! All thanks to the sky garden that gives you a picturesque view of Makati’s Central Business District.

How to get there: You can take Jeepney going to this location. I'll update this on what particular route to ride, but for now let me share the location via Google Maps below

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