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Jamaica Peak Resort - Rentable Villa in Laguna (Good for 15+ Pax)

Chill Paradise in Jamaica Peak, Laguna via Airbnb

Weekends couldn't get any better when you spend it in a relatively distant place with a comforting interior and even surrounded by a serene environment. Well, I don't mean to brag, but this was what we exactly had when we booked a stay in Jamaica Peak View Resort last August 2018.

In this blog post, I'll be giving you a virtual tour and snippets of how our weekend went. Let's get started!

Chill Paradise in Jamaica Peak, Laguna via Airbnb

Jamaica Peak View Resort 
This Airbnb-type vacation home sits at the peak of Jamaica Hills Residences which explains the name, and of course the magnificent view of the town. Once you arrive, you'll already catch the refreshing breeze. It quickly washes away the stress, but there's more to this place than the view from above.

View from Jamaica Peak View Resort

Jamaica Peak Resort occupies a large space which includes gardens and other greens. This is why you'll feel all free when you stay in this place. Each can have his/her alone time. Just choose your corner.

Lush greens in Jamaica Peak Resort, Los Banos, Laguna

There are also hammocks around the place to cradle you as you finish a book, or contemplate on life. It's a perfect way to cocoon yourself and just cradle with peace.

There are actually three hammocks found here in Jamaica Peak Resort. Two are found outdoors, and there is one indoor. This made me think that maybe the owner understands that not all of us are the "outdoor" type.

Hammocks in Jamaica Peak Resort, Laguna

I would have actually used the hammock outside, but the weather was bad during that time, but they really kept calling my name. I wanted to just lay there and catch whatever might have fallen (except for bird poop, please).

Pool side in Jamaica Peak Resort in Los Banos

The pool
Weeks before our actual visit, I was imagining myself wading around the pool. Unfortunately, that didn't become a reality due to the weather. Still, the mere presence of the pool gave me a sense of relaxation. The size of the pool fits the intended number of crowd. Based on my estimation, it can comfortably accommodate 8 at a time.

Pool side in Jamaica Peak Resort in Los Banos

There are also tables and chairs on the pool side giving it the traditional "resort" feels. To add more to it, you can level up the "resort experience" by utilizing the grilling station nearby and enjoy some smoking barbecues here. Don't worry, if you are not in a mood for those, maybe you can use this area to treat yourselves with an exciting al fresco dining.

Another thing I liked about this area is the Karaoke Machine -- makes everyone lively!

Shower area and toilet in the pool side of Jamaica Peak Resort

The crib
Okay, now that we've seen what's outside, let's try to peek what we can find inside Jamaica Peak Resort.

Chill Paradise in Jamaica Peak Resort, Laguna via Airbnb

The glass windows allow the natural light to permeate through the living area. It also allows everyone to catch a magnificent view from the inside. Air-conditioning is available, but you won't need it most of the time. In fact, for our entire stay in the living area, we just kept the door open and just had the ceiling fan on.

Hammock in Living area of Jamaica Peak Resort

As mentioned earlier, there is one hammock inside the crib, so we tend to "fight" over this. 

Renz Cheng in Jamaica Peak Resort

Nica Ang - Hammock in Jamaica Peak Resort

The living area is full of open spaces as well, and I appreciate how clutter-free it was (but not after we settled down).

Anyway, we spent most our time just binge watching some anime series and movies. Yeah, everyone else just wanted to sit back and relax (very literally). Oh, I suggest you bring a laptop and an HDMI cable if you also plan to have your film showing.

Living area of Jamaica Peak Resort

The only time we got up from the sofa here in the living area was when we needed to eat, so let me tour you next to it.

After dinner, we just gathered around the dining table to update each other of what life has been serving us. We also played board games up until 12:00 MN, over booze of course (though just a few), and when everyone felt the need to rest, we all called it a night (which now brings me to the final section of this post -- the rooms).

The rooms
There are plenty of rooms here in Jamaica Peak Resort. In fact, upon my assessment, the vacation home can accommodate more than 16 persons, but I guess the owner limited it to that number so that everyone can enjoy ample spaces for themselves.

Jamaica Peak Resort in Laguna

There are 5 usable rooms here in Jamaica Peak Resort. Two of these rooms have an access to the common balcony area.

Balcony of Jamaica Peak Resort in Laguna

For the night, we just occupied these two rooms. The boys stayed in the room labeled "B", while the girls stayed in "A".

Room B of Jamaica Peak Resort in Laguna

These two rooms are identical which can fit about 4-5 persons per room. The wooden floor and bed gave the interior a cozy feel giving us the rest we deserved. Since there are different beds, you can talk among yourselves who'll be using the single bed, and who'll be on the bunk bed.

Oh, by the way, the rooms also have one huge bath room each, so no need to worry about getting all scared to go down.

Room interior of Jamaica Peak Resort

After the night, we all teamed-up once again to make breakfast. Some had eggs, while others toast. All of us wanted the day to be extended, but we just planned to have 1 night here. Still, everyone got all perked up from the energy we recuperated here in this vacation home.

Contact Card of Jamaica Peak Resort - Laguna

Here's a barkada photo right before we got all stuffed with the overflowing hotpot we had for the night.

Wander Kid Travels in Jamaica Peak Resort

Cheers and thank you for visiting this blog! 

Jamaica Peak View Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Chill in a crib with your friends as you binge watch your favorite series or movies, rest by the hammocks, read books different corners, swim with the family/barakada, sing your soul with the readily-available karaoke

Budget needed: approximately ₱1,500 per person for 1 night (if you are going there with 16 people), but rates differ depending on the season.

For more details about the place, you may check out their FB page - Jamaica Peak Resort.

Is it wander-worthy? Definitely yes! It's a relaxing place which you may avail for outing, events or if you just want a chill paradise

How to get there: It's best to reach the place via private vehicle. You may use the attached map below for your convenience:

Thank you for taking the time to read the post! I hope you found this somehow helpful. I would love to hear from you, so please do drop some comments.

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