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Acea Subic Bay Hotel and Resort in Subic

Acea Subic Bay Hotel and Resort in Subic

Acea Subic Bay is a relatively new resort in Subic which I got to explore this recent weekend. Although I only got to stay here overnight, I was able to completely recharge with how the amazing this place is-- soft and fine sands overlooking a majestic view. Let's explore it now!

Interior of ACEA Subic Bay

I arrived at the resort at around 9:30 AM, and I instantly felt that I will love the place even with just the facade. Minutes after I explored, my instinct was right. I stumbled upon this refreshing view.

Acea Subic Hotel and Resort, Subic, Philippines

The Hotel
Acea Subic Bay houses a total of 108 room resort hotel with amenities for the family, day care centre, game room, indoor and outdoor playground, gym & fitness room, wet play pool area, a 2,560 square meter pool, and lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities.

Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic

Acea somehow compares with resorts I've been to before such as Misibis Bay and perhaps even Pico de Loro. With the improvements set on the way, I'm sure Acea will eventually catch up. Anyway, I just instantly fell in love with the view when I saw the beach and the blueness of the sky.

Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic

The pool are may not be as huge, but it is marked by simplicity yet with elegance. Just see this for yourself with this amazing view of the pool and the beach.

Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic
Pool area of Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic

Kids will love this part of the resort as they splash and slide in this wet play pool. Too bad adults like me are not allowed to to use this facility.

Pool area of Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic

The pool area is a fantastic place as well to do your IG-shots or stories. With the right angle, you can make it seem like the pool extends beyond the sea.

Pool area of Acea Subic Bay Resort in Subic

The Room
The interior of the room I got has two queen-sized bedrooms, and the ambiance is modern and cozy. Others may say it's too simple, but this simplicity captured my heart with its subtle elegance.

The toiletries are complete, so you don't need to worry about anything. The bath robe is also super lovably comfortable.

Toiletries in Acea Subic Bay Hotel and Resort

The bath room has this old-fashion feel that really appealed to my "artsy" side. There's also an air-diffuser that makes the air smell extra nice.

Bath room in Acea Subic Bay Hotel

Needless to say, the room definitely "looked good on me", I should be wearing more of this. Kidding aside, the beds were comfy, and the sheets smelled so nice.

Renz Cheng in Acea Subic Bay

The Beach
The beach may not be a long stretch, but it's definitely comforting to just sit back and enjoy the warm embrace of the sun. The sand's color is also lighter compared to other beaches in Subic, so that's a plus.

ACEA Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales

The blueness of the sky as well as the water allows you to experience the calming effects of nature. You'll also get a view of the mountain ranges as see on the photo below.

ACEA Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales

There several water activities to enjoy. Just inquire over the reception hall. You can rent jet skis and banana boat among others. There is also a beach volleyball net for you to get all sporty while getting  tanner under the sun.

ACEA Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales

For protection, you can bring your aqua shoes as the surface tends to be rocky/pebbly especially near the shoreline. However, this is not completely a necessity. By being careful, you'll be able to completely enjoy the beach without any scratches on your soles.

Restaurant in Acea Subic Bay, Zambales

The Food
While I was able to generally enjoy the food here, I still believe that there is a huge room for improvement to further complete the vacation experience here in Acea. For snacks, we had this roast beef paired with cheese and onions. Understandably, the bread was though since it was prepared beforehand, but overall, it was fantastic!

Roast Beef Sandwich of Acea Hotel

For lunch we had buffet, which fell a little short of my expectation. There were about 4 viands to choose from as main entries, but they warrant some improvement in terms of overall taste, texture and perhaps presentation. On the other hand, they prepared the ensaladang talong, pomelo chicken salad and lumpiang shanghai quite excellently! They definitely saved lunch!

Buko Pandan desserts in Acea Subic Bay Hotel
Ensaladang talong in Acea Subic Bay

Among all the buffet I tried for my stay here in Acea, it was breakfast that I enjoyed the most. Thanks to the runny scrambled egg that totally made my day! Also, I suggest that you pick the area overlooking the beach. It will definitely add to the experience!

Dining area overlooking the Acea Subic Bay

Acea Subic Bay Hotel - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★
Rest Room  
Budget: price may differ depending on the season, it's better to check their reservations office via phone call

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Acea Subic Bay Resort is definitely at par with the great places I've been to, including Misibis Bay. If the food becomes even better here in Acea, it will no doubt be a full-package paradise. The beach and the pool already captivated my heart, and the majestic view just left me at awe. This place has a huge potential, and I'm giving it a positive recommendation for Subic-goers!

Check this place out and wash your stress away by Subic and Acea's awesomeness!

Acea Subic Bay Hotel and Resort
Location: San Bernardo Rd Subic, Zambales
Contact Number: 0917 133 2232

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