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My Wunder Journey as a Happy Carpooler

Most of us are aware that Grab recently acquired the Southeast Asian operations of Uber, and this just raises concern over the possible surge pricing for the next days to come. As the general economic principle says, "Less competition = higher control over prices".

Wunder as a more affordable alternative
I was trying to find an alternative for my usual Grabshare/Uberpool ride, and luckily I stumbled upon Wunder. Normally, a Grabshare/Uberpool ride from Manila to Makati would cost me P150 to P220 depending on the surge level. However, my Wunder ride just costs me P61 per ride. That's going to save me P89 to P159 per ride.

Now, if I'm taking 20 trips per month, and let's just say I'll save P120 on average. That's a total of P2,400 savings in a month and P28,800 in a year!

Here are some of my initial comments regarding the app.

Interface is better
I tried using Wunder several months back, but the interface was very inconvenient and confusing. However, upon checking back, I saw huge improvement. It's easier to navigate and set your pick up and drop off points. You can also easily see rides that may match your route. There's also a button to contact the potential drivers or perhaps friends.

Mutual trust
I know that It's scary at first since these are strangers (and so are Grab drivers), but anyway the same is true for their side. So, it's going to need mutual trust. Anyway, there are things you can do for initial verification:

  • You'll see the number of rides they have completed
  • You'll see the overall rating just like in Grab/Uber
  • Some drivers link their Facebook profile, so you'll be able to check if they are legit or suspicious

Interestingly enough, the car owner whom I carpool on a day-to-day basis gave us a gift last Chirstmas. I was surprised! Weeks after, we already became friends and added each other up in Facebook.

Anyway, this is not an advertorial although it may sound like one. I just want this app to succeed because they offer friendlier rates. Maybe to encourage others to offer carpool rides as well.

For those who will try Wunder the first time, kindly use this registration link. You'll be getting P100 into your wallet, so basically your first ride can be FREE. Let's not put all the power into the hands of Grab. If available, this is definitely the better option.

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