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St. Paul Ruins and Museu de Macau in Monte Fort, Macau

St. Paul Ruins and Museu de Macau in Monte Fort, Macau

Monte Fort is an area in Macau where you can locate 2 tourists attractions - St. Paul Ruins and Museum of Macau. It also features vibrant street that has a strong European influence

Fortaleza do Monte Street Sign

First destination in our day tour
Monte Fort happens to be our first destination for the free day tour that came with the iVenture card we availed. Thanks to this tour, we didn't have any hard time going around because a shuttle bus was provided.

Upon laying sight on the area, what we immediately observed how refreshing the surroundings were -- sufficient greens from nature with vibrant colors from structures. Within Monte Fort, you see the famous landmark called St. Paul Ruins, which happens to have huge historical significance. Apparently, according to our tour guide, the church was burned down several years ago, and the only vestige was the facade. Several restorations were made in order to preserve what was left.

It literally is just the facade, when you "enter" the front, all you can see is an empty space or the plaza itself.

Monte Fort in Macau

The statue of St. Paul can also be located a few steps from the ruins. There were a handful of stories shared by the tour guide, but I happened to be inattentive during that time.

St. Paul Statue in Monte Fort, Macau

A feel of European culture
Another reason why people flock here in Monte Fort is because of the cultural blend of Europe, which was due to the Portugal influences (as Macau was under her jurisdiction for time period). You can see this from the street signs which has both English and Portuguese translations. Also, some structures within the area has elements of European influences.

Also within the area is the Museum of Macau or Museu de Macau in Portuguese. The good thing about the museum is that there is a place you can visit within the compound which does not require any entrance fee.

A park in the museum
This place resembles a park, but the difference is that it is located on the third floor of the building. Hence, if you feel like slowing down a bit, you can chill in the area as you appreciate the surroundings. Since we were on a tour, we didn't have the luxury to linger that much. We were given exactly 20 minutes to wander, so we took the most out of it by going around and taking photos.

Interestingly, there are canons found within the walls of the park. Honestly, I'm not sure if these used to be real, but anyway, it was just fascinating to see them here. Plus, they make great photos for your selfies or photography.

Best of all, since this part is elevated, you'll get a glimpse of Macau, which was truly a relaxing view if you ask me. I don't know if it was just me, but I sensed more amount of tranquility in Macau than in Hong Kong.

View of Macau from Museu de Macau

Anyway, the tour guide started waving his "flag" signifying the need to gather and then move to the next destination.

To follow more of our story, you may want to check out this post I wrote detailing our experience in exploring Macau in just a day - Exploring Macau in 1 Day.

Monte Fort, Macau Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Be enthralled by the blend of European culture in this area as evidenced by the architecture and designs, visit the famous ruins of St. Paul Church and check out the Museum of Macau (even just the part where you don't need to pay)

Budget needed: None, but you may need some budget for transportation in getting here. Plus, if you are planning to visit the museum and check out the exhibit, you will need to allot a budget for it

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. It's refreshing to see the interaction of European influence over Asian heritage. Plus, there are sufficient greens in the area to refresh the eyes

How to get there: We got here via the tourist bus, so I'm not quite sure how to get there other than taxi

How do you find the place? Do you think it's worth visiting? I would like to hear from you, so please drop a comment below. Thanks!

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