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Experiencing Ocean Park Adventures in Hong Kong

Ocean Park Adventure is a classic theme park in Hong Kong with both thrilling rides and fascinating view of sea creatures -- oh, and pandas too.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Welcome Sign

We already made plans to spend our 6th day in Ocean Park. Initially, we decided to commute directly to Ocean Park, but we found out that the only way we can get in is through the agent partner of iVenture, which we would be meeting on the same morning in Holiday Inn of Tsim Sha Tsui. From there, we took a tourist bus going to Ocean Park.

Ocean Park in iVenture
We were thankful that the entrance to Ocean Park is included in iVenture, and because of this we didn't have to shed more cash during our trip. It was truly a blessing, and so I am personally suggesting that you also avail iVenture when you visit Hong Kong. I am dedicating a blog post about why you should get an iVenture (read more).

Park schedule and multiple entries in a ride
We needed to wait for about 20 minutes, since the park opens strictly at 10:00 AM. Also, it was within that day that we learned that the park would close at 6:00 PM. It was probably because it was a weekday when we were there. However, this in a way turned out to be a blessing because there were no long queues except for a very few rides. In fact, we were able to enter multiple times in a single ride, one after the other.

Anyway, while waiting for the opening, we couldn't help but take photos and selfies on this brightly colored wall near the entrance.

Renz Cheng in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Rides mostly open at 11:00 AM
Anyway, upon finding out that the park closes early, we all agreed to maximize our stay, so we immediately rushed to the section where the thrilling rides are found -- Thrill Mountain. However, to our dismay, we found out that most of the rides open up at 11:00 AM. Hence, we needed to wait for another hour. So not to waste time, what we did was to just eat the snacks we brought.

Thrill Mountain in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Tip: For the first hour, just take time in taking photos of you and the place. Also, you may want to tour first the Old Chinatown section. There are a lot of picture-perfect moments there. You'll learn more about this section in a few while.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Bringing snack in the park
Also, for this second theme park (i.e. the first one we visited was Disneyland), we learned our lesson of bringing snacks instead of buying food from the park. This allowed us to have huge savings on food. All of us ordered McDonald's burger prior to our ride going here in the park.

Well, there is a security check before you enter, but they don't rummage through your stuff. Just wrap them around a cloth or something. However, kindly do not overdo it. Just bring something light enough to beat the hunger, and if you happen to have extra budget, it won't hurt for you to support the park by buying your food there.

FSRM 2017 in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Also, don't forget to bring a water container as there are a few refilling stations found within the park. This will allow you to save up by avoiding expensive drinks sold in the stores.

Ocean Summit Express in Ocean Park

A virtual tour of the park
For this part, let me brief you with the sections we explored during our visit here in Ocean Park. I'll also prepare a post on what rides you can prioritize and some you can avoid (or prioritize the least). You may access it here (but currently I'm finishing the post).

The Flash Ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong
The Flash Ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Thrill Mountain is where you can find rides that will drive you crazy (hence the name of the section). This is where you can find the famous Hair Raiser and The Flash. Both of which are something worth trying especially for those who seek adventure and adrenaline-boost.

South Pole Spectacular in Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Polar Adventure is where you can have encounter with (currently limited with viewing) various sea creatures such as the penguins and Arctic fox. There is also a ride here that is friendly for those who want it chill.

Penguin photography, Ocean Park Adventures
Renz Cheng with Penguins in Ocean Park

Once you see the penguins, you won't help but giggle and smile with their overwhelming cuteness.

Arctic fox in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

The same is true for the Arctic fox. They look adorable!

Long escalator in Ocean Park Hong Kong
Long escalator in Ocean Park Hong Kong - FSRM 2017

The Adventure Land is where you will find the "then" glorious escalator. I can remember that it was truly epic way back, but now it seemed that it has lost some of its glory. Still, it was interesting to experience the iconic escalator.

Mine Train of Ocean Park Adventure
Riding Mine Train in Ocean Park Hong Kong

You'll also find here Mine Train which looks very scary with all its rusty form. I honestly don't know if it was all part of it, but it certainly contributed to the fear factor. Another famous ride in this section is the Raging River, with which caused heavy disappointment to us with its anti-climatic drop.

Ocean Express Waterfront Station, Hong Kong

The Rainforest is where you can find the Ocean Express Summit Station which acts both as a figurative and actual ride. It allows you to reach Thrill Mountain in no time.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong 2017
Halloween 2017 in Ocean Park Hong Kong

All throughout our stay in the park, we were all running wild and crazy. Well, we just wanted to have fun, and we really did!

FSRM 2017 in Ocean Park - Shark

FSRM 2017 in Ocean Park - Shark 2

This section is where you can find The Rapids as well. It's a ride where you'll get the chance to be wet, so if you are planning to ride this, be sure that you have extra clothes with you. Anyway, in my opinion Enchanted Kingdom (EK)'s Rio Grande is so much better (except for the filthier water).

Shark in Ocean Park Adventure

The Marine World is where you'll have some encounter with various kinds of sharks. It's also where The Dragon ride is which may be as thrilling as Hair Raiser. The only difference is that this ride seemed to be bumpier than usual which was nauseating.

The Galleon in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

The Galleon was another downer here in Marine World, especially with its lack of adrenaline-inducing swings. Again, our very own Anchor's Away is so much better.

The Abyss in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Thankfully, The Abyss makes up for it with the incredible drop. It felt like we were floating. At first, we were all terrified especially at the extreme height of the drop, but it turned out to be fantastic!

Cable Car in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

The Cable Car's other end is also found in this section, and since it was nearing closing when we lined up for this, we needed to wait for about 30 minutes. Well, we felt like we didn't have much choice. Walking back will take us lots of time as well, not to mention energy.

Ocean Park Aerial View, Hong Kong

The funny thing about the cable car is it looked so outdated, which in a way made the ride amusing due to the scare factor. It was also too cramped inside. The only good thing is you'll get to have a fascinating aerial view of the park.

Now, upon descent, we found ourselves slightly lost at the beautiful of Old Hong Kong.

Fisherman Houses in Ocean Park Adventures

The Old Hong Kong is part of Aqua City, but it happens to be distinct by itself. We were just amazed by how it was able to seemingly bring us back in time. It even felt like a set for a Chinese movie. We wanted to linger for a bit longer, but unfortunately, we needed to maximize the remaining 25 minutes.

Old Hong Kong in Ocean Park

By the way, there are parts of Old Hong Kong where you can creatively take photos. These "corners" can be used as a backdrop for your photo or selfie.

Renz Cheng in Old Hong Kong, Ocean ParkMelle Tengco in Old Hong Kong, Ocean Park
Melle Tengco in Old Hong Kong, Ocean Park

Even if the day was almost over, we couldn't help but still pour out some creativity with all the "props" found in the area. Also, in case you missed the introduction or early part of this post, I highly suggest that you visit this on the first hour or 30 minutes after the park's opening. Afterwards, you'll just be in time for the opening of the rides.

Goldfish in Ocean Park Hong Kong
Goldfish in Ocean Park Hong Kong 2

The Amazing Asian Animals is where you'll witness a wide collection of goldfish. You will be surprised that there are a lot of weird-looking goldfish!

Panda Village in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Also, in this section lies the Panda Village, although it was only the butt of the panda we were able to see since he was about to take a rest. Still, it was fulfilling!

Finding Dory in Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Aqua City was our last stop particularly in the Grand Aquarium, and I was very thankful that it was the last thing we saw before we left the park. It was utterly majestic and breathtaking! You'll find both nemo and dory inside. Oh, and Patrick Star will also be there somewhere.

Renz Cheng in Aquarium of Ocean Park

The aquarium was indeed 'grand', and this can even be an understatement. You'll really encounter tons of creatures here in this gigantic aquarium.

Jelly fish in Ocean Park Adventure
Grand Aquarium Ocean Park Hong Kong

Just before the exit, we came across this room with a tall and huge glass enabling us to ogle on the wonderful sea creatures. We were so mesmerized that we spent the remaining minutes in this area. It was truly breathtaking just being there -- seeing this amount of life.

Anna De Jesus in Ocean Park Hong KongRenz Cheng in Ocean Park Aquarium
Stingray in Grand Aquarium in Ocean Park

I realized that if Disney felt magical, this one also did. It was so amazing to witness such magnificence in biodiversity!

Water fountain in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

At past 6:00 PM, rangers started asking us to leave the aquarium. Then, it came down on us -- we just reached the end of our adventure in the park. It was a bittersweet moment, but we were all satisfied with what we experienced all throughout the day.

Ocean Park MTR Hong Kong

Given that there is now an MTR station in Ocean Park itself, we had a convenient way of returning back to where we were staying. It made our experience more fun!

Ocean Park Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Have an encounter with various sea creatures and see them live in action (penguins, sharks, goldfish, etc.), witness the panda and its overwhelming fluffiness and/or challenge yourself with the thrilling rides

Budget needed438 HKD (or approx P2,950) for the entrance ticket plus your budget for the food. If you will be buying your food inside, prepare to spend additional 129 HKD (or approx P865) for a single meal.

Is it wander-worthy? Yes! The thrill from the rides are definitely worth your time and money, and if it happens that you are not a thrill-seeker, worry not, because you can experience the magic of biodiversity here in the park!

How to get there: You can take the MTR going to Ocean Park Station. From there, you can already access the park.

How's your Ocean Park adventure? Share your memorable moments with us by commenting below.

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