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Macau Tower - The Famous Landmark of Macau

Macau Tower - The Famous Landmark of Macau

Macau Tower is a famous landmark that allows you to catch a glimpse of the city and test your fear of heights

View from Macau Tower

An iVenture inclusion
The ticket to Macau Tower is included in the iVenture card we availed prior to our arrival in Hong Kong and Macau. I know you might be reading about this across all my blog posts on my HK trip, but that's really because we find value in the iVenture card, well at least according to my Klook analysis (read more).

On a stand-alone basis, the tower admission ticket costs 135 MOP (approx P905).

The famous Macao Tower, Photography

The heart of Macau
The Macau Tower enables you to get a bird's eye view of a huge part of Macau. It may not be as breathtaking as the one from Sky100's Observation Deck, but it was still considerably exciting to see how Macau looks like from that perspective.

Testing your fear of heights
The thing that we appreciated the most here in Macau Tower is this section where the floor is made of glass, which then allows you to see what's down there. This got my knees shaking. In fact, it took me a lot of courage to take the shoefie above. Along with this, we were all just laughing crazy just by observing how scared most of us were.

View from Macau Tower

My heart almost flew out when a kid suddenly jumped toward the glass floor while we were still there. I couldn't help but imagine the glass cracking and us falling. I was so scared! Thanks to you, kiddo, for the adrenaline rush! 

Cloudy Rainy Macau

When we visited Macau Tower it started to get all cloudy, which explains the photo above. 

Other activities to enjoy in Macau Tower
There is also this section where you can watch daredevils take a plunge as they do their bungy jump. Luckily, we were able to witness someone do it. I was scared for him but I it looked really fun at the same time. Maybe someday I can give it a try.

Bungy Jump costs 3,488 MOP (approx P23,400) upon checking on their website. However, seeing them jump is free, so that's what we just did.

Bungy jump viewing area in Macau Tower

Aside from bungy jumping another activity you can do here is walking around the edge of the tower with a harness on. It is similar to that of in Cebu's Sky Experience Adventure (read more). However, this is not included in the 135 MOP entrance ticket. Upon checking on their website, this activity costs 788 MOP (approx P5,280).

Sky Walk Macau Tower

Basically, these are the activities you can do here in Macau Tower. We didn't stick that long in the area because we needed to catch Viva La Broadway (but ended up just watching the last 2 minutes of the show).

Macau Tower Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Catch a good view of Macau be it on a broad daylight or night sky, challenge yourself with the adrenaline-inducing activities just as bungy jumping and walking along the edge of the tower

Budget needed: Tower admission costs 135 MOP (or approx P905) on a stand-alone basis. However, this is part of the iVenture package, which makes it very much affordable

Is it wander-worthy? If you've been to Sky100's Observation Deck, you may just want to skip this. However, if you really want to test your tolerance of heights, you can definitely drop by and see. Plus, there are activities aside from viewing, although you need to shell out more for those

How to get there: You can take shuttles from hotels or other landmarks to take you there. Otherwise, you may want to take a cab there, although it's going to be pricey

Thank you for taking the time to read the post! I hope you found this somehow helpful. I would love to hear from you, so please do drop some comments.

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