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Klook Analysis - Why get an iVenture card for Hong Kong?

Klook Analysis - Why get an iVenture card for Hong Kong?

iVenture is a tourist-friendly card that you can present to allow you to avail various activities both in Hong Kong and in Macau. It also serves as a 4G sim card which you may use for mobile data.

An iVenture-centric trip to HK and Macau
If you have been reading this blog for a while now, you'll probably notice how I kept on repeating iVenture (which we got at a further discount via Klook) in all of my Hong Kong related posts (and Macau too). Well, that's because most our activities were centralized toward those included in iVenture. This is for the purpose of lessening our expenses on entrance fees and etc. in our travel, and it successful helped us in doing so.

Yes, all of us 9 in the group availed iVenture. In this way, we were able to experience HK and Macau to their fullest!

What is iVenture? 
iVenture is basically a bundle you purchase which contains a 4G sim card (enabling you to access internet anywhere in Hong Kong) and entrance tickets to different establishments including Ocean Park, Watertours Harbour Cruise, Sky100's Observation Deck, Ngong Ping's 360 Cable Car and a whole lot more. All you need to do is to present this card to the establishments and follow the instructions on Klook's website.

This can even allow you to get discount on buying a Disneyland pass.

(for the list of essential inclusions in iVenture, you may refer to the analysis I prepared below)

Huge savings!
The cost of iVenture is around P6,500 (or 130 USD) which can go up or down depending on the exchange rate and promos of Klook. However, upon my analysis, the value you would be getting could go as high as P16,000 (or 320 USD). That's getting more than double of what you will pay for. This is not an exaggeration, but rather a fact.

Also, in case you are not planning to go to Macau, you'll still get more value that the price you'll pay.

I have embedded a worksheet below to assist you in conducting your analysis on whether you should get an iVenture card or not. You can select which ones you are planning to visit, so you'll know if it's going to be worth it to buy an iVenture card.

How to use the tool above?
You may indicate the price of iVenture card on Klook, but I have filled this up (i.e. P6,500) with what we paid when we availed the card last September 2017. You may also edit the exchange rate depending on what is the prevailing rate. Most importantly, you can change the fields under "Avail" column - input 1 if you are going to visit the place, otherwise input 0.

What are you waiting for? Maximizes your travel to Hong Kong and Macau by availing your iVenture card!

If you don't have a Klook account yet, you can use this link to sign up for Klook. If you sign up using this link, you will be given P164 off which you can use to further deduct the price of the iVenture card you will avail.

Check out this promotional video from Klook!
P50 Doble Panalo Deals with Klook

Posted by Klook on Monday, December 18, 2017

Thank you very much for reading this blog post, and hope to hear from your great adventures! 

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