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Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong

Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong

Ngong Ping Village is a serene place you can visit to experience the Traditional Hong Kong. It is also where the famous Big Buddha can be found.

Ngong Ping Village in Hong Kong
Big Buddha and Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island

Tradition in the air
Ngong Ping village has this old-fashion appeal that allows you to get a glimpse of traditional Hong Kong. This in itself makes this place very worthwhile to visit.

Renz Cheng in Ngong Ping Village

Even though this was my second time visiting the Big Buddha, I didn’t get to see this part. This explains why, upon setting foot on the village, I was immediately captivated by its beauty of. It felt like I was somehow transported back into time – well, perhaps partly, since there were a handful of modern elements infused.

Streets of Ngong Ping Village in Hong Kong
Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island

As I start exploring the village, sudden waves of memories came flashing back as I felt a sense of familiarity, and then I realized that this experience reminded me of Japan’s Kyoto (read more) – the traditional elements, the serenity and the happiness. I almost cried (internally, of course).

Arch in Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Village
FSRM in Ngong Ping Village Hong Kong 2017

Photography and selfies
Due to the magnificent beauty of the place, tourists and local alike can’t help but take photos -- either for artistic purpose or just for keeping memories. In fact, as we walked nearer the Big Buddha, more of the place’s beauty gradually and magically revealed itself.

Ngong Ping Village -- Big Buddha
Selfies in Ngong Ping Village

All corners of the place can be a subject or backdrop of your photo. It's up to your creativity how you can create memories and capture them here in Ngong Ping Village.

Renz Cheng and Jieza Varela in Ngong Village
Renz Cheng in Ngong Ping Village

Straight out of a movie scene
The fascination I have with the village was truly overwhelming. Even the street itself was like art to me – it made me think about the scenes found in well-loved Asian movies or series.

This further compelled us to take more photos as our appreciation of the place.

Jieza in Ngong Ping VillageRenz Cheng in Ngong Ping Village, Big Buddha

FSRM in Big Buddha, Ngong Ping Village

Temples, serenity and soul searching
Ngong Ping Village happens to also be a place of serenity, silence and meditation. Hence, if you feel like you need the “pray” element of “Eat-Pray-Love”, this may do the trick for you. The cool breeze matched with the serene ambiance will guide you in letting the thoughts flow, and in the process, find your inner peace.

The Big Buddha in Ngong Ping Village

If you feel like it’s not enough, you can visit the temple in giving gratitude, and offer prayers to lift up all the burden you may have been carrying with you.

Temples in Ngong Ping Village

Also, the climb to the Big Buddha can be an instrument of further clearing up your mind. All you have to do is to focus and meditate on each step you take.

Temples in Ngong Ping Village
The Big Buddha in Lantau Island

Famous bean curd dessert 
Once you are done ascending to the Big Buddha, you may want to chill and stop by the Deli Vegetarian Café. They serve here affordable local cuisine which includes this velvety bean curd dessert. Best of all, it’s just 12 HKD (approx. P80). After all, there’s also “eat” in “Eat-Pray-Love”.

Deli Vegetarian Cafe, Ngong Ping Village
Special Beancurd Dessert of Deli Vegetarian Cafe, Ngong Ping Village

After about 4 hours within the area, we all decided to go back and take some rest in preparation for our next adventures.

Cable Car to Ngong Ping Village, Hong Kong

Ngong Ping Village Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Appreciate the traditional Hong Kong, experience the tranquility of the place and witness the Big Buddha

Budget needed: None unless if you are going to ride the Cable Car and/or have some snacks there

Is it wander-worthy? Definitely yes! This is the place where you will be fascinated with the incredible old-fashioned beauty of the village.

How to get there: You can take MTR going to Teung Cheung Station. From there, you can either take the cable car or ride the bus going to the village.

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