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8 Rides to Prioritize in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park is a classic theme park in Hong Kong. When I visited Hong Kong back when I was still a toddler, I already have a vague memory of the park. With the rise of other theme parks, Ocean Park still retained its iconic appeal. Perhaps, you won't find any thrilling rides in other parks unlike here in Ocean Park. Plus, you'll get to see different kinds of sea (even land) creatures.

Due to this, there might be time when the park will operate in a full capacity. Now, this will surely limit the rides you will be able to enjoy due to longer waiting times. Hence, let me share with you my top 8 attractions (4 rides and 4 sights), which you may give priority to when you visit Ocean Park.

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1. Mine Train

Why should you prioritize this? The rusty appearance of this ride raises further the thrill factor. Plus, it got this high velocity set of drops and turns at the same time.

2. The Abyss

Why should you prioritize this? This ride will surely give you a dose of adrenaline as you fall from the top. It may seem scary at first but as soon as it drops, you'll feel like you are floating! We tried this 3 times in a row.

3. Hair Raiser
Hair Raiser in Ocean Park Hong Kong

Why should you prioritize this? This ride has multiple upside down turns making your hair literally rise after. It's very thrilling and exciting since you'll get an upside down glimpse of the sea. As a tip, sit at the back of the coaster. It's less bumpy there compare to the front. Sitting at the front may cause sever motion sickness with all the "vibrations".

4. The Flash

Why should you prioritize this? The ride throws you 360 degrees unto the air, and the feeling of hanging upside down for a few seconds is certainly priceless! Do not ever miss this!

Alright, the next four attractions are not "rides" themselves, but still you may need to queue up if you end up with a park full of people.

5. Goldfish Treasures

Why should you prioritize this? It's surprising to see different kinds of goldfish in this attraction. I honestly thought that goldfish has only 1 form. I was shocked to see odd-looking ones.

6. Panda Village

Why should you prioritize this? Panda. End of story.

7. South Pole Encounter

Why should you prioritize this? You'll see a lot of Happy Feet in this attraction. Yeah, there are probably hundreds of penguins in there, and all of them are adorable!

8. Grand Aquarium

Why should you prioritize this? This is where magic can be found here in Ocean Park. You will be mesmerized with thousands of sea creatures. You will get to find Dory, Nemo, Patrick Star and a whole lot more. It was a magical encounter of majestic biodiversity!

So, there you go! These are my personal top 8 recommendations in Ocean Park. If you feel like I missed something, feel free to share your thoughts. Also, I'd like to hear your personal favorites. Thanks!

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