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Experiencing the Magic of Disneyland in Hong Kong

Experiencing the Magic of Disneyland in Hong Kong

Disneyland is one of the iconic places in Hong Kong where fantasies, dreams and magic come to life. 

Disneyland Resort Line

A rainy start
Everyone on the group looked forward to the day when we will finally get to experience Disneyland. This got us all giddy the night before. Unfortunately, we woke up slightly disheartened when we noticed the dark skies outside accompanied by a moderate rain. We got worried that our Disneyland experience would be ruined by this. Still, everyone hoped for the best as we took the MTR going to Disneyland.     

Budget: For your estimate, the fare from Wan Chai station to Disneyland Resort Line is 24.9 HKD (or approx P165).

Renz Cheng in Disneyland Resort Line MTR

Magic begins in Disney Resort Line
Even just before we reached Disneyland, we already got some teaser with the Disney-inspired train. Yes, the train is different from the rest of the trains by MTR. It has these Mickey-shaped windows and comfy couches inside.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Line

Upon arrival, we were captivated even by the sight of the welcoming arch. Actually, we were guessing that all of the others did too. People spent about 10 to 15 minutes just to take selfies and photos of themselves with the Disneyland Resort sign.

Garden of Mickey in Disneyland, Hong Kong

No long lines for us
Upon official entrance, you will stumble upon this garden with Mickey's face on it, and as expected, people took another rounds of photo shoot. As for us, we went straight ahead to the rides to avoid long lines, although later on, we realized that since it was a work day, we didn't need to worry about the queue. In fact, we were able to repeat some of the rides with ease.

Magic is in the air
For the rest of our stay in Hong Kong, we observed how most of the people there have this serious look plastered on their faces. They seem to be constantly in a rush, but things were different in Disneyland. It was the complete opposite. You'll be seeing excitement in the eyes of people walking by. Smiles are not rare sightings. I guess that's one of the effects of Disney's magic!

Disneyland Resort - Hong Kong

Here's statue of Mickey spreading the magic of Disney.

Anyway, let's take a round up of what you can find here in Disneyland. Let's begin with Tomorrowland, since this part closes early at 4:00 pm.

Tomorrowland in Disneyland Hong Kong

Tomorrowland is where you can get a glimpse of the "future". It's inspired of course by the movie where it got its name. In this section, you will find one of the best 4D shows in the world. This ride goes by the name Iron Man Experience. Other rides includes the Star Wars-inspired Hyperspace Mountain and Orbitron. All in all there are three (3) rides to enjoy. 

Toy Story Land is perhaps the most scenic among all sections here in Disneyland. You will be able to really feel the theme from the huge colorful toys scattered around and the vibrance of the mood. This is why we couldn't help but jump with joy!

Jump shot in Toy Story Land, Disneyland, Hong Kong

Rides to look out for include the (1) RC racer, (2) Toy Soldier Parachute Drop and (3) Slinky Dog Spin. If you love the thrill, you should never miss the RC racer!

Royal Banquet Hall in Disneyland Hong Kong

Magic dusts lands on the price
For lunch, we ended up in Fantasyland's Grand Banquet Hall, which is one of the seemingly few air-conditioned places you can dine in. It's wonderful inside, and it truly feels like a grand banquet hall. Unfortunately, we were not prepared to see outrageous prices. This Baked Fish Fillet Combo costs 129 HKD (or approx P865) which truly caused a rupture in my budget. Honestly, it tasted really good, but definitely expensive!

Baked Fish Fillet Combo in Grand Banquet Hall, Disneyland

Budget tip #1 - Magical prices of the meals
If you are really tight on the budget, bring some snacks with you. The lunch meals here in Disneyland will cost you 129 HKD each (or approx P865), and even if you pair with someone to share the meal over (which you can, since the serving is huge), it's still going to be 64.5 HKD (or approx P433 each). Just bring about two burgers with you or any other light snack. Just try to wrap it with something, so it won't be too noticeable in your bag as they check. No worries, they don't go through each item of your bag.

Budget tip #2 - Water bottles for the win!
Drinks are ridiculously expensive as well, so you might want to bring a water bottle with you. Fret not because there are water refilling stations within the park.

Little Mermaid Castle in Disneyland, Hong Kong

After lunch, we headed to the Fairy Tale Forest wherein you can witness most of the Disney classics in miniature form. You will also get a glimpse of the castles of the famous Disney princesses.

Renz Cheng in Disneyland, Hong Kong

We didn't stay that long in the forest since the sun was really at its fiercest. We were starting to notice our skin color changing. Hence, we decided to seek shelter in Mystic Point's Mystic Manor.

Mystic Point's Mystic Manor

Mystic Manor came in as a surprise for us. We really thought that it was just a gallery of artifact collection. We didn't expect it to be a ride/show. Expect magic in this ride!

Jungle River Cruise in Disneyland

Adventureland is my least favorite section in the park. There was nothing much to see, and the sole ride, Jungle River Cruise, was relatively not thrilling compared to all the other rides here in the park, but perhaps kids will enjoy this one, and may find it a bit educational.

The only good thing here in Adventureland is that the section makes a great scene for adventure-inspired photos.

In Grizzly Gulch, you will find one of the surprising rides in Disneyland. It goes by the long name of Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Definitely a priority!

It's a Small World in Disneyland Hong Kong

After a long day, we decided to slow down a bit by going back to Fantastyland, and take a boat ride in It's a Small World. It may seem boring for some, but you'll appreciate the artwork done through the dolls. Great for children as well!

Dolls in the It's a Small World Ride, Disneyland

Disneyland at night
Disneyland transforms into something even magical with its brightly lit streets and sections. It allowed us to feel like we truly diverted into another dimension -- the world of Disney. Shortly, we needed to gather near Sleeping Beauty's Castle where the fireworks will be shown.

Main Street Sweets in Disneyland, Hong Kong

During weekdays, the park brings closure to its day with magical fireworks at 8:00 PM. The anticipation was truly filled with excitement, and when the show began, childhood bittersweet memories came flowing in. The moment was immense leaving most of us teary. It was truly a work of art -- a work of magic!

Magical Fireworks in Disneyland, Hong Kong

Even up to now, we could still see the brightly lit skies with the enchanting memories. It was unforgettable. Thank you very much Disney for fulfilling one of our dreams!

Hong Kong Disneyland Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Witness the Disney magic come to life and experience all the thrilling rides. Fulfill the dream by being enchanted by the Disney in the sky!

Budget needed589 HKD (or approx P3,950) for the entrance ticket plus your budget for the food. If you will be buying your food inside, prepare to spend additional 129 HKD (or approx P865) for a single meal.

You can get 140 HKD (or approx P940) discount on your ticket when you have your iVenture card with you.

Is it wander-worthy? Without doubt, yes! There is no other place where you can feel like living a dream (aside from other Disneyland). It will leave you breathless once you experience all the magic!

How to get there: You can take the MTR going to the Disney Resort Line. It is very much convenient, although expect the fare to be pricey as well.

How's your Disney magic experience? I would love to hear your insights, please do drop some comments below. Thanks!

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