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Sky100's Observation Deck - A Breathtaking Hong Kong

Sky100's Observation Deck - A Breathtaking Hong Kong

Sky100 is a famous landmark of Hong Kong as it's one of the tallest in world From its indoor observation deck, you will catch a glimpse of Hong Kong's bustling energetic city.

Aeriel View of Hong Kong from Sky100 Observation Deck
FSRM 2017 in Sky100 Hong Kong
Photo by Jieza Varela

iVenture -centric activities
For our trip in Hong Kong, we allowed our activities to be centered towards iVenture inclusions. This is for the purpose of maximizing the promo we availed, and as well as to avoid incurring more expenses.

Renz Cheng in entrance to Sky100 Obsrevation Deck
iVenture Card, Wander Kid Travels

You may want to check out why you should consider getting an iVenture card when you travel in Hong Kong. I will be posting here in this blog my analysis of the value you'll be getting if you opt to go for iVenture via Klook. For now, let's proceed with getting a preview of the observation deck.

Sky100 Observation Deck in Hong Kong

A breathtaking panoramic view
Sky100 is 393m above the ground, allowing us to catch a good view of Hong Kong island.

Breathtaking view from Sky100 Observation Deck
View of the Hong Kong see near Sky100

The observation deck also allows you to have 360 degree view of the city. From there you will simply be awed by the majestic sight which will make you realize what beauty civilization can produce -- that civilization in itself can be a form of art. Another thing that may interest you is the infusion of technology to level up your experience. Well, we didn't personally try downloading the apps and all, but it seems really fascinating. Maybe you can give it a try. The app will allow you to get virtual tour of Hong Kong as well as produce better photos.

Observation deck of Sky100 in Hong Koing
Renz Cheng in Sky100, Hong Kong

Picture-perfect moments
Given that this is a 360 degree observation deck, you can take photos literally in each degree. It's really up to your creativity how you can utilize that to create wonderfully crafted shots. Also, since we visited Sky100 right after it opened, there wasn't much tourists to possibly photobomb us. Plus, the lighting was just fantastic!

FSRM 2017 in Hong Kong
FSRM 2017 in Hong Kong
Creative shots in Sky100 Observation Deck
Photo by Jieza Varela

Getting a freebie
During our visit, a portion of the observation deck was closed down for a private event, but this was compensated with a drink and snack. This is when I discovered a highly addictive smoked squid. Totally delicious!

Renz Cheng in Sky100 Observation Deck
Photo by Jieza Varela

A cafe in the sky
In case you want to try a rather different experience, you can buy coffee or other drinks here in the cafe. Prices are of course as high as the Sky100, but it may be worth a try if you have extra. After all, memories are priceless.

Cafe in Sky100 of Hong Kong

There you go my fellow wanderers! This is our first activity during our HK trip, so I hope you'll also check out the rest of the places we visited.

Sky100's Observatio Deck Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Catch a breathtaking view of the bustling city of Hong Kong be it on a broad daylight or night sky

Budget needed: 168 HKD (or approx P1,130) on a stand-alone basis. However, this is part of the iVenture package, which makes it very much affordable

Is it wander-worthy? Sky100 may not be 100% wander-worthy, since it's practically just the view you are paying for, and it's kind of pricey at HKD168. However, since this is part of iVenture, it makes it very worth it! Also, if you haven't experienced being high up the ground, this would make the experience very wander-worthy!

How to get there: You can take MTR going to Kowloon and from there you can emerge from a mall where Sky100 is found.

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