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Airbnb Recommendation in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Airbnb Recommendation in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Finding a place to stay in Hong Kong
It took us a while to finalized where we will stay for our trip in Hong Kong. At first, we were considering going for a hostel, but we realized that for a group of 9, it's going to be difficult to have our privacy and group bonding. Thankfully, after a series of online and offline discussions, we were able to finalize the place. That's how we ended up with this Airbnb accommodation found in Wan Chai - Heung Hoi Mansion.

Conveniently in the heart of Wan Chai
The accommodation is found in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong, and we found ourselves fortunate to be close to a couple of convenience stores: (1) 7-Eleven store and (2) Grocery-like convenience store. The second one often gives a more affordable set of prices, and it's amazingly just 2 houses away from Heung Hoi Mansion. You also won't worry about food because there is a 24-hour McDonald's a few walk away as well. Reaching the MTR is never a worry because it's just 1 to 2 minutes away from the place.

The Heung Hoi Mansion
Just to temper your expectations Heung Hoi Mansion isn't really a "mansion", and sadly, it's far from one. The lobby is straightforward. You enter the building and after about 10 steps, you'll already reach the lobby which basically just consists of the reception booth and about 5 sq meters of space next to the elevator. Those with claustrophobia might struggle with the cramped elevator (can fit 3 to 4 people with baggage, 6 without), because even though I don't have the phobia, I felt like I was going to have one.

A dash of entertainment
There was a brief struggle following the instructions on how to open our room, but everyone sighted relief after we successfuly unlocked the door. Felt like we were playing a Breakout game.

The Room
Upon entering the room, I initially felt amused with the wonderful facade, but after starting to explore the remaining parts, I ended up dismayed. The lobby should have given me the hint, but I was still surprised how small the pad was. Yes, there were three (3) bed rooms, but the other one was literally a small room with a double deck bed.

It took me a day to realize that I was in Hong Kong, and by its standards, our room is already considered "spacious" and decent enough. Fortunately, we were all able to adjust. After all, we needed just a place to sleep, since we have all our days packed with activities.

Tip: If you are traveling solo, I highly recommend Yesinn Hostel (read more). That's where I stayed during my past 2 travels in HK.

By the way, there are two (2) bath rooms available, and if I can recall this was our utmost priority. Nine of us can't share a single bath room, so we really searched for an Airbnb accommodation with at least 2. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided.

The Amenities
As for the amenities, the room has a Wi-Fi installed which is extremely fast as per Philippine standards. It can download as fast as 2.5 MB per second. The kitchen is also fully operational, so you can save up on some travel costs by preparing your food there. Plus, a washing machine with built-in dryer is available together with detergent. This adds up to a more worry-free travel.

Tip: Do bring your own adapter and extension, as the sockets are limited.

Airbnb in Wan Chai - Overall Ratings and Summary
Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.

Comfort ★★
Rest Room  
Value for Money ★★
Budget: P1,200 - P1,300 ($24 - $26) per person/ night for a group of 7 - 10 people

Tipid tip: If you haven't signed up yet in Airbnb, you may want to use my referral to get P1,100 discount of your booking. Click here for the referral link. For more details about the place, you may check out the page in airbnb - 3 Bedrooms (HC3) in heart of HK.

Generally, we were highly satisfied with our stay here in the room. It may have taken us a whle to get used to the lack of free space, but at least we got used to it. After all, it was part of the HK experience. So, yes I am giving this place positive recommendation!

Airbnb in Wan Chai
Location: Heung Hoi Mansion, No.123 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Disclaimer: Most of the photos used are lifted from the Airbnb page of the room itself

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