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SGV's 71st Anniversary Party - FSRM Edition

SGV's 71st Anniversary Party - FSRM Edition

SGV's 71st Anniversary may be a firm-wide event, but I’d like to call it my personal celebration of being 3 years with the firm. It’s a given knowledge that time really flies by so fast, and sometimes we get all carried away with it. This is why I enjoy events like this. They act as a foothold or marker for us to pause for a while, be aware, and let everything sink in.

SGV's 71st Anniversary Reception
SGV's 71st Anniversary

Happiness with the victory of others
While I already had my time during last year’s party, it was this year when my friends got to have the spotlight on them. The feeling of seeing your team members up on stage was truly uplifting. I felt like a stage dad (yeah, but don’t stretch it). In the same way, I felt like a fan cheering up for a friend who got promoted to manager.

Renz Cheng - FSRM 2017
Macarons of Bizu - SGV's 71st Anniversary

Macarons - sweet yet delicate
This year for me was something likened to a macaron – sweet yet delicate (i.e. easy to break). It was perhaps the combination of more challenging roles and uncharted territory that gave me a ticket to a roller-coaster ride. It was frightening, enough to make me weak on my knees, but as soon enough I realized that I was still carrying on, I ended up raising my hands and enjoying the rest of the ride. That’s why it was a macaron. It might break, and it did, but that’s when the sweet flavor came out.

FSRM 2017 - SGV

This year was a celebration of newfound friendships, as newer talents was added to our pool. Similarly, it was a season of breaking wrong impression, since there were those which I didn’t think I would feel comfortable with, but turned out otherwise.

FSRM 2017 - SGV
FSRM 2017 - SGV

Sadly, it’s true that the world always searches for balance. Some people come in, while some people go, but again, as I mentioned in my previous post (i.e. SGV’s 70th), we’ll always be Ohana. You will be missed, buddy!

Gerone Tolention, Emil Ong and Renz Cheng - FSRM

K-drama lives on this year, as we recreated the “kuchinyim” and “depunyim” pose from last year.

FSRM 2017 - SGV

And of course, with a twist of jej on this one. It never fades. “Classy jej” lives on as an FSRM mantra.

FSRM 2017 - SGV

Now, here are some of the creative shots we had which tells about the wackiness inside of us.

FSRM 2017 - SGV
FSRM 2017 - SGV

RGB fever still continues with our trio of laughter and fun.

Renz Cheng, Geraldine Malit and Myles Sia - FSRM

No matter how difficult or bumpy our ride maybe, there will always be smiles on us, and again that’s a product of fantastic friendship!

FSRM 2017 - SGV

Now, who would have thought that Mr. Sycip himself would notice my struggles in taking our group photo that he decided to honor us with his presence. You’re welcome, guys!

Washington Sycip with FSRM 2017

Too bad for those who missed out the opportunity of being in a photo with one of the founders of SGV. Anyway, I’m still there with you, so it’s almost the same, right? 

FSRM 2017 - 71st Anniversary of SGV

And there’s this photo of beautiful ladies that graced the cluster. Beauty and brains indeed!

FSRM 2017 - SGV

Among the three SGV anniversary celebrations I’ve been to, this is perhaps the one I enjoyed the most (although the second was still the most special one). This is probably due to the energy of the crowd. All thanks to Parokya ni Edgar that made all the people jump and sing in excitement. It definitely set a tone for the after party as well as the after-after party!

Parokya ni Edgar - SGV 71st Anniversary

Would you believe that this photo was just the “start” of the night? Yeah, the rest was history. It was completely epic. We all felt like younger than we already are (including me of course).

FSRM 2017 - SGV

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