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The Misibis Bay Adventures, Cagragay, Albay (3/3)

The Misibis Bay Adventures, Cagragay, Albay (3/3)

Our last day in Misibis Bay was given as a free day for us to just enjoy the resort -- "take maximum rest before we begin breaking the soil once again".

Magnificent pool of Misibis Bay adventures

Appreciating the beauty of the resort
It was only during this time when we were able to fully appreciate the beauty of the resort. With the help of the perfect weather, the blueness of the pool became more apparent -- making much inviting to take a dip, and so we did! Some of the games we played include "form a circle" (our favorite), "sili sili tubig" and etc.

Enjoying the swimming pool of Misibis Bay Resort

The bay also had this wonderful painting-like landscape, and looking at it just took away all the stress that built up the past weeks (perhaps even months).

Misibis Bay's wonderful scenery

Since it was our last day, I took the chance to just wander around and let everything settle in -- hoping that the memories we created will last, but then during that time I realized that I can partially immortalize those memories by writing them here in my travel journal.

The beauty of Misibis Bay Resort in Albay

Enjoying the amenities
There were some of us who didn't want to take the plunge, and so they decided to just enjoy the indoor amenities within the resort. I was surprised -- there was actually a lot to choose from!

Don't feel like swimming in the pool? Well, there's an alternative version.

Gaming area in the Misibis Bay

Other groups chose to play table tennis near the place were the pool table is. The area is basically covered, so they didn't have to worry about the sun. However, there were also a few who didn't mind the heat, as they played volley ball under the sun.

Volleyball in Misibis Bay, Albay

It was truly and literrally a half day of fun, but all good things must come to an end as we needed to prepare for check out. For the very last time, we just breathed everything in, and tried as hard we can to allow all the memories to imbue themselves in our minds.

FSRM in Misibis Bay, Albay

From the resort, our group needed to split once again. The first one are the ones taking the bus back to Manila, while the second one are the ones taking the plane. I honestly wished I was part of the second group as I thought I couldn't bear any more of the 12-hour ride. Plus, the second group was the one group who had the opportunity to visit Cagsawa Ruins and had picture taken with the magnificent Mayon Volcano.

FSRM in Cagsawa Ruins - Mayon Volcano

This basically wraps up our adventure in Misibis Bay, and right after leaving everyone already missed all the great things that had happened. It was undoubtedly unforgettable! 'Til next time!

Thanks once again to our Outing Committee who named themselves as "PAUSO". You did one heck of a job! 

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