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The Misibis Bay Adventures, Cagragay, Albay (2/3)

FSRM in Misibis Bay 2017

Our second day in Misibis Bay was the day filled with a lot of exciting activities. It was also when we had all the games which required some level of energy.

Team Wacky - the titos and titas of FSRM
Just before I proceed, let me introduce to you our team -- Team Wacky.

Actually, we didn't choose the name. It was the name who chose us, or more appropriately it was the outing committee members who set it for us. Alternately, we can also be called Team Red. Interestingly, most of us didn't have the competitive spirit, and we were even very sluggish in Game #2 where we came in last. Thus, we branded ourselves as "titos" and "titas" and we didn't mind. In fact, we actually liked it.

Team Wacky/Team Red of FSRM Outing 2017

Game # 2 - Flaglagan Na!
The second game was inspired by Amazing Race wherein it composes of sub-games/activities, but the ultimate goal was to be the first team to finish everything. On the first part, we were leading as we finished first in the Human Centipede sub-game. However, after that, we started losing our competitive spirit upon getting "lost"in finding the second stop. Given that we were lagging behind, we just let it be.

You may want to read about our outing two years ago in Puerto Princesa of Palawan.

FSRM swims in Misibis Bay 2017

Anyway, after the game, everyone was given a free time to enjoy the resort once again. Most of us chilled by the pool. For our lunch, we had a sumptuous buffet once again where I had my fair share of cheese. Ample time was provided for us to burn down the calories and perhaps take some rest. Afterwards, we were called once again for the last game.

FSRM in Misibis Bay, Albay 2017

Game # 3
The third and last game was one of its kind. It somehow combined the concept of snakes and ladders with infusion of other games such as charades, fact challenges and etc. Despite our chill vibe, we ended up besting all the other 3 groups. Well, all the group kept choosing us for the challenges, and they ended up awakening our inner competitiveness.

Also, we weren't expecting the sun to be all bright and powerful given that it rained that morning, but I guess the universe wanted us to get some tan lines.

Renz Cheng with Team Wacky/Red in Misibis Bay

Mini pools by the rooms
Finally, after about 2 hours of intense competition, we got to earn some free time to just relax and enjoy. Luckily, there is a small pool beside the room we were assigned, so it was pretty convenient to take a dip and just chill by the side.

Renz Cheng in Misibis Bay, FSRM Outing 2017

The Boho-inspired culminating night
It has been a cluster tradition to hold the bigger celebration on the last night. It was indeed a huge event -- everything was very legit! It even felt like JS prom all over again, but with a more mature audience.

FSRM Outing Culminating Night in 2017

Although not many went with the team, there were a few of us who got excited to attempt some Boho look. Well, here's my own take of the Boho look.

Renz Cheng with a Boho Look Outing 2017

The night was filled with memorable events such as the traditional FSRM Beach Babe and Beach Hunk program, which is termed Ms. Ibis and Mr. Bae for this year's outing. One of our cluster's EA also was given a farewell surprise. It was tearful yet very meaningful. The winning team is also revealed which happened to be the Team Ocho (Green). We landed second together with Team Pout (Blue). The one who took the 2nd runner up spot was the Team Dub (Yellow).

Renz Cheng with the Outing Committee of 2017 (FSRM)

The night was filled with booze, music and sheer positivism. The dance floor was opened for all the party lovers, and it was just "wild". One of us was even in his bath robe as he slayed the dance floor. It was definitely unforgettable! The night ended with people half-drunk yet overflowing with zest!

FSRM in Misibis Bay 2017

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