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The Misibis Bay Adventures, Cagragay, Albay (1/3)

The Misibis Bay Adventures, Cagragay, Albay - 2017

Company outings always have a place in my heart as they often provide a lot of memories worth remembering and treasuring. This third outing of our cluster held in Misibis Bay was no exception. It left a set of unforgettable memories of laughter, games, bonding and booze. With the attempt of immortalizing those memories, I'm putting them into writing.

Here's a video that provides a quick peek of what transpired during the 3-day outing of FSRM in 2017! It's possibly the BEST outing FSRM had in years (or so I believe).

Special thanks to Justine Zarate for the video

The beginning of the adventure
Depending on our budget preference and constraint, each person was given an option to either take the bus or plane in going to Legazpi. You can read between the lines, but I was part of the ones who took the bus. Our assembly place was in Bicol Isarog Terminal of Cubao, Quezon City, and everyone needed to be there by 7:30 PM. Luckily no one got left behind, although one was very close.

FSRM Bus RIde to Misibis Bay, Albay - Isarog

Fourteen (14) hours of ride was definitely no joke. We had to endure all the motion and shaking which made it very difficult to have a deep relaxing sleep. Another hour of bus ride was added when we were transported from the terminal to Misibis Bay itself, but all those hours traveling was all worth it upon witnessing the beauty of the resort.

Misibis Bay Resort, Albay

The beautiful Misibis Bay Resort
We arrived at the reception area at about 11:00 AM of July 8, 2017, where we settled in a bit with all our baggage. Those who took the plane were already there in the reception about 3 hours ahead of us. Keys were assigned, and lunch buffet was opened. Of course, we took our mandatory selfies upon arriving in the reception area.

FSRM in Reception Area of Misibis Bay 2017
FSRM in Reception Area of Misibis Bay 2017

Buffet all the way!
All our meals (except for the lunch on the last day) were in buffet-style held in the Spice Market restaurant, so it was really a perfect time to forget about our diet plans and simply pig out! Nothing couldn't stop us.

Laing Stuffed Porchetta of Misibis Bay's Spice Market

After lunch, everyone was given a time to just take a rest and perhaps tour around the place. Well, who wouldn't want to? Every view here in the resort was simply breathtaking! The photo below is a view near the bay area -- the sight of which provided instant relaxation.

The Misibis Bay in Albay

Interesting tip from the outing committee: For the ones who attract mosquitoes, fret not because all the toiletries provided by Misibis Bay resort contain lemongrass which is an effective natural repellent for mosquitoes.

Toiletries of Misibis Bay Resort

Bay Summer Festival + Open Mic Night
The first official program of our outing was the opening of the Bay Summer Festival -- the time when everyone was thanked for being part of the outing.

Game # 1
A game was also revealed when each team was given two (2) stickers to be assigned to sticker bearers. Other teams should not identify which members of opposing teams hold the stickers. Otherwise, they can be challenged, and the losing team will lose points, while the other gains.

Bay Summer Festival in Misibis Bay - FSRM

Dinner buffet was opened after the mechanics of the first game was revealed. This was followed by an open mic night where we had some singing and other performances.

Renz Cheng in Misibis Bay, Albay

Booze also started to pour as the open mic night went on. Photos are being taken everywhere, and we definitely filled the air with fun and laughter. 

FSRM in Misibis Bay Summer Night Festival

The program was officially ended with a "bonfire ceremony" the fire of which represented our "love for FSRM". It was a first time for some to enjoy the warmth of a bonfire. Plus, we got the opportunity to roast some marshmallows. It started to drizzle, so we decided to go back to our rooms -- but some got "lost" in other rooms for some card games, gossips and etc.

Bonfire in Misibis Bay - FSRM

The first day was practically a very relaxing day, but the outing committee warned us that we needed to store energy for the next day where all the physical games happened.

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