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The Breathtaking Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte

The Breathtaking Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte

Bangui Wind Farm is a mandatory tourist hotspot for those visiting Ilocos Norte. It's located along the shoreline adding more artistic appeal to the farm's picturesque view.

Shoreline of Bangui Wind Mills, Ilocos Norte

An ecological magnificence
Aside from the breathtaking view of Bangui itself and the windmills, it's awesome to just imagine the process of transforming wind's energy to a usable electrical energy. It's an attempt for sustainability, and it feels great to witness this magnificence.

It was on our way back from Pagudpud beach (read more) when we decided to drop by Bangui Wind Farm all for the love of nature. Actually, we were supposed to visit this on our way to Blue Lagoon of Pagudpud, but it rained hard so we just let it go that time. Fortunately, the weather was all sunny the day after, perfect for Bangui!

Bangui Wind Mills in Ilocos Norte

Depending on which part of the entire stretch, you may come across some stores serving refreshments such as the photo below. It's a great spot to chill with a fascinating view of the sea.

Bangui Wind Mill next to a hut, Ilocos

Of course, with this internet age, everyone wants to get a good shot of the wind mills both for personal storage and for showing off in the the social networks. Not complaining, though. It may, in fact, raise awareness to push for renewable sources of energy, fingers crossed.

Tourists in Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte

The Bangui Wind Farm is also great for those who want to practice photography. All angles are very interesting to explore, as the entire area is filled with breathtaking elements.

Photography in Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte

With air so clean due to presence of multiple greens, you'll get a clear view of the skies including the adorable fluffiness of the clouds. In fact, we were able to capture this during our group photo taken here in Bangui Wind Farm itself.

FSRM in Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte
Credits to Jieza for this wonderful photo

Bangui Wind Farm Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Witness the beauty of transforming wind into electric energy. Ecological magnificence at its finest!

Budget needed: None, unless you'll buy wood work of Bangui wind mill for your souvenir needs

Is it wander-worthy? Definitely yes! There are only a few wind farms in the Philippines, so don't miss the chance of seeing them face-to-face

How to get there: There are multiple access points to the Bangui Windmills since the mills are all spread along the shoreline.

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