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Nico and Jewel Restaurant in Cagbalete Island, Quezon

Nico and Jewel Restaurant in Cagbalete Island, Quezon

If you find yourself hungry and without food on the island of Cagbalete in Quezon, worry not because Nico and Jewel may save the day! Food here may not be exceptional (except for a few), but they are more than decent enough to help you carry on with your island vacation.

Nico and Jewel Convenience Store, Dona Choleng

An alternative for the unprepared
It is definitely better if you come prepared here in Cagbalete Island -- with all the utensils, grilling essentials and of course ingredients, since there are allotted spaces in the resorts where you can grill. However, for those who'll find themselves lazy or unaware enough to prepare, you can drop by Nico and Jewel of Doña Choleng Resort.

Pancit Habhab || P150
Pancit Habhab Filipino Food

The pancit habhab may lack the magic of that found in Lucban, but it was still decent and tasty.

Calamares || P250
Calamares, Dona Choleng, Cagbalete Island

The calamares also fell in short in terms of flavor although it was rightly crispy. Also, the vinegar compensates for the lack of flavors.

Chicken Tinola || P250
Chicken Tinola, Cagbalete Island

The tinola was the best with its tasty ginger-infused soup, each sip brings comfort of a perfectly made tinola. Must-try!

Longganisa Lucban || P100
Longganisa Lucban in Cagbalete Island

The longganisa captured most of the bountiful taste of a traditional lucban longganisa. It was very garlicky and rightly salty! Amazing.

Beef Tapa || P100
Beef Tapa in Cagbalete Island

The tapa had this richness in flavor with just the right blend of sweetness.

Halo-Halo || P50
Halo-halo in Cagbalete Island

Halo-halo is available within the vicinity of the resort. This sweet dessert may not be the best you'll try, but it's a good refresher.

Nico and Jewel Quick Guide

Famous for: Affordable yet satisfying Pinoy food in the Cagbalete Island

Budget needed: P100 each for a personal meal or a moderate sharing type of dining experience for a group of at least 4

Is it wander-worthy? Maybe. There are many options in the island, so it's difficult to say if it's indeed wander worthy.

How to get there: Nico and Jewel is found within the vicinity of Doña Choleng.

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