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The Original Buddy's Restaurant in Lucena, Quezon

The Original Buddy's Restaurant in Lucena, Quezon

is a famous Filipino restaurant serving authentic local cuisine such as Pancit Lucban, Longanisa Lucban, sisig and more.

Buddy's in Lucena, Quezon

Although starting to be visible in Metro Manila, Buddy's began its roots in Quezon Province. When we reached the province, our family friend believes that it's great to try Buddy's at its source. Hence, he decided to bring us there.

Interior of Buddy's in Lucena, Quezon

Festive yet often uncomfy
The interior of Buddy's intended to be festive capturing the Filipino spirit. However, with the warm temperature of the restaurant, everything seemed so "uncomfy", even the entire setup felt contributory to the "uncomfiness" in the restaurant. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I have the same thought with branches I tried in Metro Manila.

Pancit Lucban of Buddy's, Quezon Province

Pancit lucban was tasty on its own but even tastier with the vinegar. It may appear greasy, but that's what gives it more adventure for the palate!

Chicken Inasal of Buddy's Restaurant

The chicken inasal was fine with its semi-sweet and smokey sauce. It may however lack proper marination as the sauce barely reached the core of the meat.

Best Sisig of Buddy's in Quezon Province

Buddy's sisig was incredibly melty and creamy even without any mayo. It's probably the blended fat that gives it sinfully delicious flavors!

Pinoy Pizza of Buddy's Restaurant

The pizza is very appealing to the Filipino taste buds with the nostalgic sauce. Similarly, it's not recommended for those not used to the taste of a localized pizza.

Buddy's Quick Guide

Famous for: Pancit Lucban, Sisig and "Pinoy" Pizza

Budget needed: at least P300 for a moderate salu-salo experience

Is it wander-worthy? Yes, it's great to check Buddy's where it originated, you'll just feel more of the Quezon vibe, since you are practically there.

How to get there? Since we traveled here by car, I honestly have no idea how to commute your way here in Buddy's. I hope that the map below will be helpful.

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