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St. Louis Bishop Parish Church in Lucban, Quezon

St. Louis Bishop Parish Church in Lucban, Quezon

St. Lous Bishop Parish Church, or simply Lucban Church, is a great place to see if you appreciate churches and their interesting architecture.

St. Louis Bishop Parish Church, Quezon

Just before checking out the best halo-halo in Lucban, my mom decided to visit the church first. It's often customary for us to visit one church when on vacation just to give thanks and praise for the opportunity to travel.

Lucban Church, Quezon Province

Initially, I thought that the side of the church, from which we entered, was the facade of the church. It didn't seem very spectacular, but when I realized that it wasn't really the front, I immediately went out to "correct" my impression.

Baroque architecture and design
According to my quick search, Lucban Church is constructed under Baroque-inspiration.
The facade of the church is divided into three levels. The second level has semi-circular windows with spaces in between filled with statues of saints on niches and stylized Corinthian columns. The main door at the ground level has double arches with flanking semi-circular windows at the outer front. An octagonal three level bell tower on a square base stands on the left of the church. (Bells of St. Francis)
Interior of St. Louis Parish Lucban Church, Quezon

Both the interior and facade of the church reminds me of the Binondo Church (before the refurbishment), especially by how both churches have stone exterior.

St. Louis Bishop Parish Church in Lucban, Quezon

After checking out the facade, I couldn't believe how magnificent it was. It may look old with how it appears, but that is what exactly makes it spectacular.

Lucban Church Quick Guide

Things to see/do: Well, in all honestly, it's very basic. The church itself is what you can check out when you visit the place.

Budget needed: None

Is it wander-worthy? Yes, especially for those who adore churches and/oAr architectures.

How to get there: You can take the tricycle going to the church (although I don't know the specific directions). Just in case it will be helpful, the map of the place is added below.

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