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Luisa & Daughter's Heartwarming "Lutong Bahay" in Quezon

Luisa & Daughter's Heartwarming "Lutong Bahay" in Quezon

Luisa and Daughter is one of the restaurants in Quezon province where you can find honest-to-goodness home cuisine or "lutong bahay".

Luisa and Daughter in Quezon Province

Luisa and Daughter is the first restaurant we tried the moment we reached Quezon province. It was personally recommended by our family friend who happens to be a resident local. He took us to the place because it's one of his favorites. Quoting,"It's a favorite restaurant for some honest-to-goodness lutong bahay".

Interior of Luisa & Daughter in Quezon Province

The ambiance is very modest and plain, which really reminds you of an interior of a humble home. Despite the simplicity, air-conditioning units are newly installed allowing the place to be constantly comfortably cool.

Amazing home cuisine for 27 years
The restaurant has been serving comfort "lutong bahay" for 27 years already and still counting. The menu may have grown, but it retained the traditional favorites. We were only able to try a few dishes since most of us had the lucban longanisa.

Longanisa Lucban (4 pcs) || P115
Longanisa Lucban of Luisa and Daughter

The Lucban longanisa was garlicky and rightly salty. Very delicious and goes perfectly with their own blend of vinegar.

Big Breakfast Combo #1 || P155
Big Breakfast - Sardine and Longanisa Lucban

This dish featured the same great longanisa lucban above, but with an addition of sardine which was extremely delicious due to its savory taste that lingered in a great way.

Beef Tapa || P115
Beef Tapa of Luisa and Daughter

Perhaps the only lackluster among all that we tried, the tapa was pale and had shallow flavors.

Corned Beef || P165
Corned Beef of Luisa and Daughter

The corned beef was fine, somehow regular and may not be recommended for those looking for something interesting. A great comfort food, nonetheless!

Luisa & Daughter Quick Guide

Famous for: Longanisa Lucban and other comfort "lutong bahay"

Budget needed: at least P115 for a light to moderate ( P155 for a moderate to heavy) personal meal

Is it wander-worthy? Yes. Dishes we tried may not be 100% impressive, but the longganisa and sardines were the best we tasted over the course of our adventure here in Quezon. Service is also prompt and the price is very much friendly.

How to get there: I honestly don't have any idea on how to commute to the place. So, hopefully the map below will be helpful for you.

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